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Students will not have access to the Creative Cloud and Document Cloud suite of applications for their personal computers without purchasing a license separately.  Students can consult with TechZone in the Bone Student Center for the best place to purchase a license or go straight to Adobe Education.

Computer Labs with Desktop Applications

Students can use Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat Pro in the University computer labs and select departmental labs.  Reference the table below for labs that have Adobe software available and what applications are installed.



Room Number

Applications Available

Milner Library

Floors 2-6


Milner Library

213B uLab


Milner Library

213B Multimedia Workstations



TUR 206


Center for Visual Arts

CVA 138


DeGarmo DEG 307 Studio Teach
Fell Hall FH 324 ​​


STV 250 uLab



WAT 110 uLab



VRO 004 uLab



SCH 230 uLab



LIN 103B uLab


Julian JH 116 - CHE ​​
Felmley FHS 202 - GEO Majors ​​
Felmley Science Annex FSA 429 - GEO Majors
Stevenson STV 438 - ECO ​​
Stevenson STV 440 - ECO ​​
Stevenson STV 227B - LAN ​​
Stevenson STV 125 - MAT ​​
Stevenson STV 314 - MAT ​​
Fairchild FH 309E - CSD ​​
Fairchild FH 314 - CSD ​​
DeGarmo DEG 17 - PSY


Denotes that the Full Suite of Adobe Creative Cloud applications are available.  For a complete list, please visit the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications website

     The Standard Adobe Creative Cloud Application Package includes:

Photoshop CC
Illustrator CC    
​​​ InDesign CC     
​​​​​ Acrobat Pro CC    

Mobile Applications

Students can freely download the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile applications on both Android and iOS devices.  The majority of the applications are not fully-functional mobile versions of their desktop counterparts, but more of a supplement or a smaller set of functionality.  

  *iOS only

A Word of Warning

Although an Adobe ID is not necessary to use the Adobe CC applications in the labs or any of the mobile applications, students may wish to sign up for a personal account.  Please be aware of the following caveats:

  • To avoid issues after you graduate, DO NOT use your ilstu email account to sign up for an Adobe ID

  • If you already have an Adobe ID using your ilstu email, you MUST transfer all of your assets to another account BEFORE graduation or leaving the university as you will lose access at that time.

  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE try to sync your Adobe ID with the desktop applications in the labs.  This will break the license and the computer will need to be wiped and restored.

  • Files can be synched between the Adobe ID and lab computers using OneDrive, which is part of your Office 365 account.

Get more information about Adobe IDs and their benefits, please visit .
​​​ ​​​​​