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Paleography Illuminated: The ISU Manuscript Project
Paleography Illuminated: The ISU Manuscript Project
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​Student Transcription Projects

​Below each student's bio are images of the manuscript folios and their transcriptions and (when available) translations. This is ongoing research and we welcome any comments or feedback you may have.​​​​​​

​Allison "Maurina" Madura 

My name is Allison Madura, but in Latin everyone calls me Maurina. I am an English Studies major with a Classics Minor and Consul of Conlegium Latinitatis. I decided to take Latin as a transfer student my junior year and it was the best decision I made in my undergraduate career. Not only did I have the privilege of working with some of the most passionate professors on campus (Dr. Kim, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Jasper), but I also acquired a tight knit Latin family that I completed 4 semesters of study with. The Latin program at ISU has been a life changing experience and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone! My independent study project involved transcribing a text from the 15th century in Milner special collections. My advice to future Latinists: be bold, be brave, and dig in a deep as you can!



Consul Maurina

Al 001.jpgAl 001.jpg

Al 002.jpgAl 002.jpg

Vulgate Bible Page, Manuscript Dated 1412.docxVulgate Bible Page, Manuscript Dated 1412.docx

Ethan "Pecunia" Shemoney 

Salve, I am Ethan Shemoney. I am a senior here at Illinois State University. I have taken 4 semesters of Latin. To be honest, the reason I took Latin was because I needed a foreign language requirement. I took German in High School and didn't want to take it again. My interest in the language came from various horror movies and the Uncharted  video game series. As an English major, I've learned more about the English language through taking Latin. A big reason why I stuck with it is because the amazing classmates and professors I have met along the way taking these classes.​

Ethan 001.jpgEthan 001.jpg

Ethan 002.jpgEthan 002.jpg

Ethan Shemoney Transcription.docxEthan Shemoney Transcription.docx

Julianne "Iuliana" Vana

Salve, my name is Julianne Vana and I first became interested in Latin my second year at ISU and have been in the program ever since. I have loved having such a unique opportunity and would like to thank Dr. Jasper for making this project possible. This semester, my main focus is on manuscript 62. I am also working on manuscript 7, which I have yet to finish identifying.

Julianna 001.jpgJulianna 001.jpg

Julianna 002.jpgJulianna 002.jpg

Iuliana Transcription.docxIulia

na Transcription.docxIuliana Transcription 2.docxIuliana Transcription 2.docx

Sarah "Octavia" Bennett

I am a sophomore at ISU in my fourth semester of Latin. This is my first time trying paleography and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Being able to transcribe a centuries-old text is like being transported back in time. I hope to continue advancing my knowledge of Latin within the next two years of my undergrad career and in Latin Club!​

Sarah 001.jpgSarah 001.jpg

Sarah 002.jpgSarah 002.jpg

Octavia Transcription.docxOctavia Transcription.docx