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Communication Graduate Program Directing

Dr. Miller-Ott facilitates engaging opportunities and events for graduate students. During the 2020-2021 academic year, a virtual professional development workshop series, titled Ensuring Success, was developed to help students network and gain important skills outside of the classroom. This six part workshop series featured speakers who were either in academia or communication positions. These speakers provided valuable insights into translating the education and experiences of the master’s program to doctoral programs or communication-based jobs.

Some of the workshop speakers included:

  • Cathy Oloffson, Director of Communications & Community Relations, Town of Normal
  • Griffin Hammond, Documentary Filmmaker, Recount Media
  • Nikita Richards, Community Relations Manager, City of Bloomington
  • Tim Bill, Executive Director, Marketing and Public Information, Heartland Community College
  • Dr. Erin Willer, Associate Professor, University of Denver

Dr. Miller-Ott is also responsible for student advising and support as well as program and curriculum development.

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