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The Homepage is the first contact that the visitors have to the content the author of the page will present to them. It’s important to display a small presentation of some of the main content that the visitor will find on the whole site.
The use of a big image + text in the first section will help the author to quickly tell to the visitor what the page is about. Following the Banner section and before the called ‘fold area’ (content displayed before the user needs to scroll down the page), can be a perfect spot for a welcome section, where the author can use more words to describe the site or about him. This section can also contain a button linking some interior pages with more ‘about me/about the site’ information that the author wants to share with the visitor.

Using feature sections is good to give the visitor a brief introduction to the interior pages, making it easier for the visitor to find quickly the subjects they might be looking for. The author can create more than one featured section on the homepage and it can also contain three or four columns or two or more rows. The content explored on the feature sections can be chosen accordingly with what the author wants to promote more, latest blog posts? events? content on interior pages? On this website, three features sections are presenting different contents on each one.

To create a ‘Featured Section’ on the homepage or any other page, the author of the site can use the ‘Columns Block’ that is a feature inside the ‘Layout Elements’ on the Add Blocks menu. To learn more about how to build sections using columns, you can check this blog post. There also some other useful tips on our blog page.

Another option that can be used on the homepage is a ‘media section’. If the author has a nice video about his work and wants to display it on the homepage, this can be displayed with some small text explanation and a button link inviting the user to engage in some action that it’s important to the author.

WordPress also offers a way to automatically create a ‘Featured Section’ with the content the author has already created on the webpage. If the user goes to the Widget Blocks option on the Add Blocks menu, they will find the ‘Latest Post, Archive, and Calendar’ element options. When one of these options is chosen, the section is automatically created with the content created for the blogs. It’s possible to see the ‘Latest Post’ element implemented in one of the sections of the homepage (as you can see in the next image). Keep in mind that these automatically generated sections are not as complete as the ones that were created using the columns, headings, photos, and paragraphs. Maybe, a little more work can be helpful to create a more complete/detailed section.

To create the section on the image above, a first three columns rows was created containing the two headings (Latest Events and Latest Blog Posts), one is on the first column and the second heading is on the third column. Then a second column row was created, the first and the second with Headings, Paragraphs and Buttons elements, ant the third with the Latest Posts widget.

There are many ways to create sections and display content. Using creativity when creating them is the key to have a good looking website.

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