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Dr. Adrienne Ohler

Dr. Ohler

Dr. Adrienne Ohler
Department of Economics

Illinois State University
Campus Box 4200 
Normal, IL 61790-4200

Phone: (309) 438 – 7892
Fax: (309) 438 – 5228
Office: 426F Stevenson Hall​

Adrienne Ohler is an Associate Professor of Economics at Illinois State University. Her research interests aim to add to both academics’ and policymakers’ body of knowledge by focusing on how improvements can be made to public policy and local laws & rules such that individuals and businesses are motivated ​to enhance environmental quality and increase natural resource use in an efficient manner. Past and current inquiries examine the following questions:  What public policies affect the promotion of renewable energy?  What motivates individuals to conserve energy use?  How does the structure of state electricity markets impact energy conservation, renewable development, and the use of fossil fuels?  Does income and economic growth affect renewable energy development?  Finally, can policy be improved such that households are incentivized to make economic decisions that are also environmentally friendly?

Google Scholar Profile​

Research Interests:

  • Energy markets
  • Natural resource allocation and policy
  • Public utility theory
  • Revealed preferences for non-market goods
  • Applied econometrics 

Teaching Interest​s:

  • Public Utility Theory
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Microeconomic Theory

Currently Teaching:

  • Fall 2018 – ECO 255 – Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Fall 2018 – ECO 138 – Economic Reasoning Using Statistics
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