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Vidal-Gadea Lab
Vidal-Gadea Lab
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Research Opportunities in our Lab

We are looking for a ggraduate student to join our magnetic field detection and orientation project. Please email for more information.

 High School Students Research Opportunities in our Lab
We welcome driven high school students. If you are interested contact us about ongoing opportunities or alternatively visit the Summer Research Institute website for summer programs:


During the Summer Research Institute at the Vidal-Gadea lab over a dozen high school students worked together to study Duchenne muscular dystrophy using the nematode C. elegans. Students became familiarized with every aspect of research: from the scientific method, to behavioral testing, analysis, immunohistochemistry, microscopy, descriptive and analytic statistics, and oral presentation design and skills. Data and findings made by the students inform our ongoing research program. Students work very hard and learn while performing scientific research.


 Undergraduate research opportunities outside our lab

We have searched the internet to bring you resources where driven undergraduate researchers might find valuable research opportunities. Most of these are summer opportunities and there are certainly many more that we did not compile here. We want to impress two important points: 1) there are indeed hundreds of research opportunities awaiting keen students, and 2) these experiences provide students with valuable tools which they need to stay competitive when the time comes to apply for graduate or medical programs. Happy hunting!