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Biomathematics at Illinois State

The Biomathematics Graduate Program at Illinois State University is a recipient of the highly competitive Program of Excellence (POE) Award, established by the College of Arts & Sciences​

“…to promote a unique, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary academic program that will help bring distinction to the College and University.”

This unique program runs in coordination with the School of Biological Sciences, which provides our graduate students rich and solid background in biology

Illinois State Biomathematics program is a member of the Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance (IBA). Thanks to this membership, our graduate students have an unprecedented access to biomathematics researchers, educators, and facilities across the country. This rich and diverse body of knowledge makes it possible for our students to choose from a wide range of research problems, working with faculty members of other highly respectable institutions along with their home research advisers.

Illinois State Biomathematics Program is the main organizer of an annual international conference on Biomathematics, called Symposium on BEER. This unique conference gives an outlet to our students to showcase their research while networking with prominent names of the field.

Illinois State Biomathematics program also houses a prestigious research journal, Letters in Biomathematics (LiB). One of the Biomathematics faculty members, Dr. Olcay Akman is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of LiB.


Olcay Akman
Professor of Mathematics​ 
Phone: (309) 438-7980
Fax: (309) 438-5866

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