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In my opinion, technology rules society today

In my opinion, technology rules society today. Many of us try to deny our attachments or loyalties to our devices and the content on them; but sometimes it’s just not true. The biggest influencer on our constant checking of social media may just be our present global situation. The current status of the COVID-19 pandemic is the topic of almost every news station, reporter, writer, and any informative outlet that we have access to on a daily basis. Another opinion that I feel may be shared with others is this: it can be draining. The urge to feel informed or stay updated on the current national disaster we are enduring is creating an equally disturbing toll, but on the mental health of people of all ages. With this in mind, I’ve taken time to think about my time in Illinois State during this pandemic.

Hayleigh Brokaw – Social Media Intern

I have been fortunate enough to experience my freshman year with some shreds of normalcy. I am able to reside in Watterson Towers with my roommate and long-time best friend. I have made some amazing friends, who I envision to stay close with even after our time here is done. I have not been able to experience the typical face to face class time, but all online courses instead. I am able to go to the Rec Center to workout, the Bone Center to study, and participate in activities on the quad.

My altogether lifestyle has changed. No longer am I in the world of high school, where all your time is planned. I am responsible for my schedule and how I manage my time, skills that I will need relentlessly in my future. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a support system where we all have each other’s backs, even when all 4 of us are confused together. Needless to say- I’ve learned a lot.

My final point comes to this: these current times are a learning experience. I see it as a time to change how you do things, but for the better. Learn to spend less time on your phone, scrolling through endless articles on the vaccine that we may, or may not have in three months. Set aside time for homework, studying, or even reading. Prioritize spending time with the people that make you happiest; this can be friends or family. Another plus of college is that you can find chosen family, or the ones who may not be your relation but have become the closest thing to it. Embrace your passions! I am so excited to be a part of the COB Social Media team, mainly because it has given me the chance to explore what I hope to be my future. This has given me a positive and exciting reason to look forward to my weekly schedule, even if it is a little different than it used to be.

 In some way, we are all struggling in at least one way. As we get closer to the end of 2020 with the hopes of a better 2021, the best thing to keep in mind is mindset. By keeping an eye on the positive experiences and lessons developed today, we can all be on track to a much brighter tomorrow.

With Career Fair Season in full-swing and the PSI Career and Internship Fair on Monday, here are a few Interview Tips to help fire up and show employers your very best.

1. Do Your Research!

Before attending the career fair, be sure to check the list of companies that are attending. Look through the list and see what companies best interest you and do a little research. Learn things like what the company’s values are, who the CEO is, and if the company is a perfect match for you and your aspirations. Taking a little time out of your day to do this may make you a better candidate.

2. Dress Your Best!

Please remember though everything is virtual, it is still necessary to look your best on camera. First impressions are everything, especially if you are speaking with a company you are highly interested in. If you are unsure what to wear visit the Career Center or the Career Center’s website to view what outfits are appropriate for career fairs.

3. Keep An Open Mind!

Career fairs are all about introducing new opportunities! You might find something unexpected that catches your eye, so look into it. Always have an idea for what you are interested, but do not be afraid to jump into a new conversation about a job or internship that is a little different. An open mind can lead you to so many more opportunities than only considering one possible path!

4. Ask Lots of Questions!

Chances are, the advocates for a job or organization are very open to new members if they are at your local career fair. This is a great chance for you to explore new options, so ask away! By doing so, you can see what path is best for you and your career plans while still at school or in the near future. So don’t be shy and get all the information you can! Also remember to bring a folder or bag to keep any informational flyers or pamphlets to refer to afterwords.

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