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Molecular Vanadium-Phosph(on)ates as Oxidation Catalysts​

One of our precursor molecules​
[{CpPOEtCo}VCl2(DMF)​ Inorg. Chem. Commun. 2007, 10, 906-909.

 One of our precursor molecules​​​Vanadium is used quite extensively for oxidation catalysis– specifically for sulfuric acid production. Recently, it has been demonstrated that a vanadyl phosphate catalyst transforms C4H10 to maleic anhydride. Can simple reactions be used to make vanadium phosphates and phosphonates for catalytic use? Our group has been working to make Vanadium phosphonate complexes by employing tridentate ligands to “dimensionally reduce” the structures from extended structures to molecular species. These new vanadium phosphate or -phosphonate complexes may have unusual frameworks and we are studying their electrochemical and catalytic properties.

Vanadium(III) Chemistry​

Beginning with vanadium(III) halide starting materials, we have made a number of vanadium(III) complexes with tridentate ligands, including CpPCo, Tpm, and Tpms. Each shows promising reactivity and the ability to perform metathesis ligand substitution reactions is noted.​

Vanadium(IV) Chemistry​

We are pursuing the parallel chemistry to the vanadium(III) chemistry mentioned with vanadium(IV).​

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