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Chemistry 250: Inorganic Chemistry

Textbooks to be used in this course:

  • Rayner-Canham & Overton, 5th Ed. 
  • ISBN: 978-1-4292-1814-6
  • XR or RF Turning Technologies Clicker
  • A molecular model kit is helpful, but not required.
  • The 6th edition (or 4th!) is also acceptable.

Good supplemental texts include Shriver, Miessler, Housecroft, Bowser, Cotton, or Huheey​​​

This class is currently in session.

​​Current Semester Files

Dr. Craig C. McLauchlan

Phone: 438-7019

Email Me

This course will have homework/problem sets, clickers, examinations, a presentation, and a cumulative final examination.

Other ​Resources


This page is merely a public display. Relevant info will be posted in our course management software (ReggieNet) as we proceed in the course.​

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