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I aim to promote critical self-reflection, connection, and creativity in teaching. I use Black feminist and relational cultural theories to guide teaching. My teaching style consists of lecture, discussion, and activities that promote authenticity and critical thinking.

Current Courses

PSY 305: Psychology of Women

Focus on how psychologists investigated (and perpetuated marginalization against) experiences related to gender. Heavy focus on how racialized patriarchy shapes psychological theories and conceptions of gender and impinge upon daily life, especially womxn and girls.

PSY 392: Senior Seminar: The Psychology of Racism and Colorism

Focus on how psychologists investigated (and perpetuated) racism and colorism in the United States. Introduces social justice topics for improvement and empowerment regarding antiracism and anticolorism.

Anticipated Courses

PSY 233: Psychology of Personality

Focus on how psychologists proposed and investigated personality

Teaching Apprenticeships

Check back for updates!

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