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a worldwide student journal of politics
Fall 2006

Table of Contents



Breaking America's Oil Addiction:
A Plan to Support Sustainable Energy

Kristen E. Tullos and Brian L. Levy
The Roosevelt Institution at the University of Georgia, USA


Are Patriots Really More Patriotic Than Their Anti-Patriotic Rivals?
Poking Into Patriotism Through the Israeli Case
Eyal Lewin
Haifa University, Israel


Framing Conscientious Objection:
How Israeli Newspapers with Different Ideological Orientations
Cover Rightist and Leftist Conscientious Objection in Israel

Hila Lowenstein
Bar Ilan University, Israel


Influences on the Partial Liberalization of Internet Service Provision in Ethiopia
Lynn Hartley and Michael Murphree
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


The Fractures of Frankfurt:
The Aesthetic Theories of Marcuse, Benjamin, Rorty, and Popular Culture’s
Potential to Enable Individual Political Change in Industrial-Capitalist Societies.

James Maggio
University of Florida, USA


Caught Between Venus and Mars:
Canadian Earthlings in the Transatlantic Relationship after Iraq

Benjamin Zyla
Royal Military College of Canada


Social Capital and Survival:
A Look at Trust Among Immigrant Strangers

Donna Hamilton
Illinois State University, USA


Reclaiming Voice, Restoring Value:
Gerrymandering, Disenfranchisement, and the Need for Reform
in the Way We Choose Our Political Representatives

Randall Sampson
University of Colorado-Denver, USA


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