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a worldwide student journal of politics
Spring 2008

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Note from the Editor

This edition of Critique is comprised of winning papers from the 16th Annual Illinois State University Conference for Students of Political Science, held on April 4, 2008. Papers presented by Kimberly Casey, Joanna K. Rozpedowski and co-authors Nilüfer Duygu Eriten and Jennifer Romine were recognized as the best papers in the graduate section. Kristi St. Charles, Ayelet Haran and Kate Ellis received awards in the undergraduate category. We are pleased to be publishing the work of all of these authors. Together, they illustrate the virtues of a broad range of approaches to political problems. As always, we welcome comments on the papers published in this volume.


Kam Shapiro

Editor, Critique


Best Undergraduate Papers


Framing and Debates: The Effects of Media Coverage on Candidate Evaluations     Kristi St. Charles, Northwestern University


National Identity Changing in France: A Case Study of the CAP Wine Reform
Ayelet Haran The City University of New York


On the Home Front Abroad: Domestic Political Influences on Foreign Policy with Cuba                                                                                                                                        Kate Ellis, Suffolk University

Best Graduate Papers


Defining Political Capital: A Reconsideration of Bourdieu's Interconvertibility Theory
Kimberly Casey, University of Missouri-St. Louis


From Cosmopolis to Globopolis: The Ramifications of Kantian Thought on the Foundations of the World Order – Communitarianism, Impartialism, Accommodationism
Joanna K. Rozpedowski, University of South Florida


Instrumental and Symbolic Sources of Ethnic Conflict: Application to the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey
Nilüfer Duygu Eriten and Jennifer Romine, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign



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