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Critique: a worldwide journal of student politics                                                                Fall   2017

David and Goliath: College Class Size and Its Effects on Political Participation ​         p. 1-18       Jason Kokkat, Illinois State University

The Emergence of Community Rights: Contesting Corporatism​                               p. 19-52         McClure Cronin, Wake Forest University

​Where Are Homeless Women Dying? A Geospatial Analysis of the                                                Deaths of Homeless Women in Orange County, California                                      p. 53-71         Elizabeth Rowen, Claremont Graduate University

The Globalization Demarcation: Euro-Enthusiasts Versus Euro-Skeptics                                        and the Continent's Impasse                                                                          p. 72-79          Ryan Zohar, Sciences Po Paris

John Stuart Mill and the Status of Canadian Legislation Concerning                                              Physician-Assisted Suicide​                                                                             p. 80-95         Nathaniel Sussman, London School of Economics and Political Science​​​​