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Critique: a worldwide student journal of politics                   Fall 2016

American Separation of Powers: How the Architects of the U.S. Constitution Strategically Developed Montesquieu's Constitutionalism

Christopher Putney, University of Texas at Austin                              pp. 1-28


Realpolitiks and the Deceptive Use of Islamist Narratives in Armed Struggles: the Case of Northern Mali Conflict

Dillon R. Smith, University of Guelph                                               pp. 29-49


Basic Trust and The Great Transformation: Behind the Global Capitalist System

Chan Jun Hao, University College London                                          pp. 50-81 


One of These Things is Not Like the Other: How Access to Power Affects Forms of Ethnopolitical Violence

Kirk Richardson, Illinois State University                                           pp. 82-112


From Godless Government to the Faith-Based State: The Failure of Compassionate Conservatism

Richard Burke, Fairfield University                                                    pp. 113-140


Democratization Under the Gun: Military Regimes, Democratic Transitions, and Political Institutions in the Southern Cone

Samuel Maynard, Georgetown University                                         pp. 141-166