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Critique: a worldwide journal of student politics                                                                          Spring 2017

Candidate Rhetoric and Political Correctness                                                                p. 1-16
Dakota Carmen and Jason Kokkat, Illinois State University

Twitter and the 2016 Presidential Election                                                                   p. 17-37
Jacob Marx, Monmouth College

The Founding Nightmare Realized: Demagoguery, Facism, and Donald Trump                  p. 38-70Zachary Dwyer, University of Texas at Austin

Walls to Keep People Out? Or Keep People In? An Analysis on the
True Motivations Behind Physical Political Boundaries
                                                     p. 71-97
Sonia Rodriquez Ruiz, Monmouth College

Media Coverage of Black Lives Matter                                                                         p. 98-130
Meredith Bennett-Swanson, DePaul University