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Dr. Diane Byers
Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Welcome to the homepage of Diane L. Byers and her research group. I am a plant evolutionary ecologist. Most of our research focuses on prairies and the consequences of habitat fragmentation for the native species. We also have projects on  invasive species (garlic mustard). If you like further information on our research projects, interested in exploring joining our group or interested in a collaboration please e-mail me.

Overview to My Research Interests

Given our rapidly changing environment, some the critical questions to answer include: the extent of local adaptation; assessment of current changes to fragmentation of natural areas and climate change; and potential for adaptation to the future environment. Using community ecology to quantitative genetic approaches with prairie species we are assessing their response to the historical fragmentation and on-going environmental changes.​

Lobelia spatica in tallgrass prairie


Diane Byers
School of Biological Sciences
Campus Box 4120
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-4120
Phone: 309-438-8167
Fax: 309-438-
Office: 424 SLB
Lab: 425 SLB

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