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As stated in the catalog, Organizational Psychology introduces students to research methods and results concerning social psychology of work organizations, including descriptions of practices in Organizational Psychology.  


This course will introduce students to the major topics, concepts, and theories comprising Organizational Psychology. Students will gain a better understanding of people’s behavior in a wide range of organizations, as well as important contributing cognitive processes and emotions. To accomplish these objectives, lectures, class discussions, exams, and applied activities will be used. At the end of the semester, students will have gained a better understanding of organizational dynamics and will be in a better position to both understand and appreciate their own behavior and the behavior of others in applied work settings.


Your grade in this course will be based on two components (three for grad students): exams and short writing assignments (and three oral presentations for grad students). There will be a total of 3 exams throughout the semester; all are non-cumulative. There will be 12 short writing assignments, mainly from the sections “Case in Point” and “Points to Ponder” in your textbook. You are allowed to drop or not complete FOUR of the short writing assignments without penalty.


Students currently enrolled in this course can find the syllabus, calendar for assignments and due dates, and grades by going through the REGGIENET (log in with your ULID and PASSWORD).

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