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Expand Your Horizons
Expand Your Horizons
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Past Workshops

​Actuaries Price it Right!

Dr. Ranee Thiagarajah , Lisa Pankau, Hannah Esker, and Rebecca Clark, ISU Math

Do you like solving puzzles and problems? Have you ever heard of an Actuary? Come on down to learn what actuaries do and check if the price is right by playing The Price is Right with some future actuaries.

The Chemistry of Food

Cassie Goodman, Michelle Merfeld, & Katrina Twaddle, ISU Chemistry

Engineering Your Horizons:  Creating Your Future in Space!

Ms. Susan Evens and Ms. Libby Norcross, Challenger Learning Center Flight Director

Work as an engineer as you create structures and or machines needed for space exploration.  Learn about the engineering design process and have fun building!

Exploring Astronomy

Mr. Tom Willmitch, Ms. Brittany Herzovi, and Ms. Andrea Bruck, ISU Planetarium

We will explore careers in astronomy, looking at the exciting work done by professional astronomers as they probe the heavens.

Exploring Programming with Scratch

Dr. Mary Elaine Califf and Dr. Bryan Hosack, ISU Information Technology

In this hands-on workshop, girls will be introduced to the Scratch programming language and environment and have an opportunity to create their own programs. 

Exploring the Science of Psychology: Demonstrations of Psychological Processes

Dr. Patricia Jarvis, Dr. Karen Pfost, and Dr. Alycia Hund, ISU Psychology

This workshop will interactively demonstrate psychological processes. Students will be invited to participate in a hypnosis task, a neuronal chain sending messages from person to person, complete the Stroop Task on computers, and take a cognitive language task in four short demonstrations by psychology professors. Students will be given opportunities to interact with scientists at various career levels in the field of psychology

Exploring the Wonderful World of Plants Up Close

Dr. Martha Cook, Dr. Amy Bloom,  Cynthia Cass, ISU Biology

Students will explore the world of plants up close by studying plant seeds, stems, and leaves using their own eyes and different types of microscopes. They will describe and compare what they see as they learn about the tools plant biologists use every day.

Fizzix is Phun

Jay Ansher and the ISU Physics Club, ISU Physics

Come have fun doing science and physics experiments!

Illinois State Solar Car

Abigail Harmon and Sarah Noll, ISU Physics

Have you ever wondered what solar energy can power? Come to this workshop to find out and learn about physics in a non-traditional way!

Is your portfolio cool enough to be a graphic designer?

Archana Shekara, ISU Art

There is a need for graphic designers in almost industries in today’s world, students will learn the meaning of graphic design, what is bad and good design, and how to arrange a cool looking portfolio.

Learn about Flood Control and Levees

Ms. Joy Rexshell, P. E., Lewis, Yockey & Brown, Inc.

Learn about the theories and practices of surveying. If weather permits, the class will go outside and do a small survey.

Learning at the Library

Julie Murphy and Anita Beaman, Milner Library

Come see how librarians use technology to help students learn. You will get hands-on experience and use tools that only librarians usually see.

Makin' Music with MIDI Pianos

Dr. Carlyn Moenus

Come use our digital piano lab; we'll show you how to create your own jazz improve, and you'll get to record yourself playing with our digital "band" during the session!

Movement as Science and Medicine using PEAT

Dr. Noelle Selkow, Dr. Margo Coleman and Dr. Deb Garrahy, ISU Kinesiology and Recreation

Have you ever wondered what bones and muscles look like while moving inside the body?  Have you ever wondered how physical activity helps to make you healthy?  Come for a hands-on demonstration with faculty and students in Physical Education and Athletic Training (PEAT).

My Chemistry Tool Belt

Catherine McDonald, ISU Chemistry

If all you have is a hammer then every problem is a nail.  But what if it isn’t?  Come explore the many tools you can use in your career and life.

Researching the Brain

Dr. Valeri Farmer-Dougan, ISU Psychology 

The Social Media Revolution: Social Media for Professional Development

Ms. Allyson Corona and Michelle Ketcham, ISU Students

We will be discussing the many professional uses of social media outlets, specifically, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There will be heavy usage of good/bad examples, videos, free discussion hands-on activities.

Slimeology 101

Julie Dowling, IMSA

Participants will discover the art and science of slimeology.  Students will learn about the chemistry involved in making a variety of different types of slime.

Taking the “Eek!” Out of Economics: Fun Tricks and Tools for Understand our World

Dr. Sherrilyn Billger, ISU Economics

We will use some mathematics and some graphs to talk about economic “stuff” that we encounter every day.  For example, why are so many women schoolteachers and not surgeons?  Why are women’s haircuts more expensive than men’s?  Bring your questions, and we’ll figure them out!

Women in Science and Math HERstory Quiz Game

Ms. Grace Foote Johns, and Ms. Kenzie Kelley, ISU Physics

Students play an information scavenger hunt game in teams while learning about women’s contributions to math, science, and computers.  There is a “lightning round” with prizes. And students get to keep their women’s “herstory” quiz game resources, courtesy of the ISU Physics Department.