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Image of FESEM

Basic Unit Sigma 300 VP: Field emission, GEMINI column, VP technology, basic pumping system, standard chamber with EDS, EBSD and WDS ports, 5-axes motorised cartesian stage with software joystick. Detection System comprising In- lens SE-detector, next generation ETSE detector, new fourth generation variable pressure SE detector (VPSE-G4), specimen current monitor, colour scope and carousel 9x sample holder.

Technical Specification

Image of optical column

Electron Source: Schottky Thermal Field Emitter

Resolution at 30 kV (VP Mode): 2 nm

Resolution at 15 kV: 1 nm

Resolution at 1 kV: 1.6 nm

Maximum Scan Speed: 50 ns/pixel

Accelerating Voltage: 0.02 – 30 kV

Probe Current: 100 nA

Variable Pressure: 10-133 Pa

VPSE Detector: Fourth generation variable pressure SE detector for Sigma 300 WDS port

BSE Detector: 5 segment high definition solid state BSE detector, side retractable, 16mm diode, for Sigma 300 LHS 72mm port

SmartTouch: SmartSEM touch user interface (US version) A modern, easy to use, touch screen user interface to provide access for novice users and drastically reduce training time

Image of EDS detector

EDS Detector: AZtecLive Standard Ultim Max 65 Oxford AZtecLive Standard EDS System with Ultim Max 65 detector. 65 square millimeter active area and 127 eV resolution.

CL image

CL Detector: Zeiss Cathodoluminescence Atlas detector for Sigma 300 Front LHS Port

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