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Logan Miller
Logan Miller
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​Dr. Logan Miller

Hello! My name is Logan Miller. I am an anthropological archaeologist with research interests in lithic technology and the pre-Colonial Midwest. My specialty is lithic microwear analysis, which can determine the function of stone tools. Through fieldwork or laboratory analysis, I've worked with material from the Paleoindian through the Late Prehistoric period. However, most of my work relates to the Langford tradition in the Late Prehistoric, Hopewell in the Middle Woodland, and Clovis in the Paleoindian period.  

At Illinois State, I teach courses in general education (Lost Continents  and  Sunken  Cities), archaeological methods (Archaeological  Analysis of Prehistoric Materials, Archaeological Field School), anthropological research (Senior Thesis), as well as culture history (Midwestern Archaeology and North American Archaeology).

I am always interested in working with undergraduate and graduate students on new projects. If you have an idea for a project related to Midwestern archaeology, or want to know how to get involved in some of my research, please do not hesitate to contact me.