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Biomathematics Alliance for Scholarship, Teaching, and Advanced Research Development
Biomathematics Alliance for Scholarship, Teaching, and Advanced Research Development
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IBA Resources


Undergraduate Research Grant - BEAM

The IBA sponsors an undergraduate research grant program called Project BEAM (Biomathematics Education with Applications and Methods). Project BEAM will provide funds to cultivate undergraduate research at member institutions. There are two funding tracks: one that requires institutional matching funds and one that supports faculty with no access to institutional research funding.

Additionally, there is funding designated specifically for CURE participants that work with institutional member faculty mentors. See the BEAM page for more information on CURE-BEAM funding.

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration - PEER

Partners in Extending Education and Research (PEER) is an interdisciplinary scholarly support service program that the Center for Collaborative Studies in Mathematical Biology and Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance (IBA) is offering to educators, researchers, and scholars of cross-disciplinary fields. ​​ ​The PEER Program matches you with a data scientist, statistician, applied mathematician, or computer scientist who w​ill collaborate with you on completing your project  with a higher level data-science expertise than what may be common in your own field.

Community Course Offerings

​The IBA is proud to offer courses to all students at member institutions. These courses are shared across the IBA community and are recognized as credit-bearing towards the biomathematics degree at the member institution. An updated list of available courses can be found on the IBA Courses page.

Sponsored Journals

Letters in Biomathematics (LiB) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles that describe ​mathematical and statistical techniques to solve problems in biological settings or that address the study of ​the teaching and learning at the intersection of mathematics and biology. LiB is published by Taylor & Francis. The IBA sponsors its membership to publish in LiB at substantially reduced publication fees. Visit LiB for more information on the journal's content, manuscript submission information, and journal policies.

Spora: A Journal of Biomathematics​ is an open-access, refereed research journal dedicated to publishing high-quality manuscripts, written by graduate or undergraduate researchers during their time as students,​ that describe mathematical and statistical techniques to solve problems in biological settings. The IBA sponsors its membership to publish in Spora at reduced publication fees.


The IBA houses a high performance computer, "CLOUD for Layering, Organizing, and Utilizing Data" (IBA-CLOUD). Each node sports a 32 core/64 thread AMD EPYC™ 7551P processor and RAID array with full-disk encryption for maximum performance and reliability. IBA offers access to members for their research-level computing needs. Passwordless SSH access using Ed25519 keys ensures that members can enjoy the highest level of security, even on the most insecure networks.

"The IBA-CLOUD, with its eight times as many cores as my research computer, has saved my research group time. Not only that, it also has allowed us to investigate questions that would have been computationally prohibitive to answer otherwise. What's more, the IBA-CLOUD has been surprisingly easy to use." —J. Peirce, Ph.D.

Digital Classroom

The IBA has a distance-learning enabled classroom. IBA members use this space for class meetings, seminars, workshops, research collaborations, and colloquia.

Click on the image to enter the digital classroom using the access code provided for your session.

Digital Repository

The IBA maintains a repository for data, codes, and resources to be shared among biomathematics researchers and educators.

Please use the deposit link below to upload* your material to share with the IBA community.


Enter "" as recipient email when prompted during the upload.

Resources for Public Consumption

  1. Code used in Particle Swarm Optimization in ODE Modeling via particle swar​m optimization
  2. IBA-CURE materials (closed for 2019)