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Sedbrook Lab Publications​

Jarvis, B.A., Romsdahl, T.B., McGinn, M., Nazarenus, T.J., Cahoon, E.B., Chapman, K.D., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2021) CRISPR/Cas9-induced fad2 and rod1 mutations stacked with fae1 confer high oleic acid seed oil in pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.). Frontiers Plant Sci. 12:652319.

Marks, M.D., Chopra, R., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2021) Technologies enabling rapid crop improvements for sustainable agriculture: Example pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.). Emerg. Top. Life Sci. ETLS20200330.

Zhang, L., Smertenko, T., Fahy, D., Koteyeva, N., Moroz, N., Kuchařová, A., Novák, D., Manoilov, E., Smertenko, P., Galva, C., Šamaj, J., Kostyukova, A.S., Sedbrook, J.C., and Smertenko, A. (2021) Analysis of formin functions during cytokinesis using specific inhibitor SMIFH2. Plant Physiology, kiab085.

Pant, S.R., Irigoyen, S., Liu, J., Bedre, R., Christensen, S.A., Schmelz, E.A., Sedbrook, J.C., Scholthof, K.-B.G., and Mandadi, K.K. (2021). Brachypodium phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) promotes antiviral defenses against Panicum mosaic virus and its satellites. mBio 12:e03518-20.

Esfahanian, M., Nazarenus, T.J., Freund, M.M., McIntosh, G., Phippen, W.B., Phippen, M.E., Durrett, T.P., Cahoon, E.B., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2021) Generating pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) seed triacylglycerols and acetyl-triacylglycerols containing medium-chain fatty acids. Front. Energy Res. 10:620118.
Sedbrook, J.C. and Durrett, T.P. (2020) Pennycress, carbon wise: labeling experiments reveal how pennycress seeds efficiently incorporate carbon into biomass. J. Exp. Botany 71:2842-2846.

Karlen, S.D., Fasahati, P., Mazaheri, M., Smith, R.A., Cass, C.L., Sirobhushanam, S., Chen, M., Tymokhin, V., Liu, S., Padmakshan, D., Serate, J., Xie, D., Zhang, Y., Mcgee, M., Foster, C.E., Russell, J.D., Kaeppler, H., de Leon Gatti, N., Maravelias, C.T., Runge, T.M., Kaeppler, S.M., Sedbrook, J.C., and Ralph. J. (2020) Assessing the viability of recovery of hydroxycinnamic acids from lignocellulosic biorefinery alkaline pretreatment waste streams. Chem. Sus. Chem. 13:2012-2024.

Chopra, R., Johnson, E.B., Daniels, E., McGinn, M., Dorn, K.M., Esfahanian, M., Folstad, N., Amundson, K., Altendorf, K., Betts, K., Frels, K., Anderson, J.A., Wyse, D.L., Sedbrook, J.C., and Marks, M.D. (2018) Translational genomics using Arabidopsis as a model enables the characterization of pennycress genes through forward and reverse genetics. Plant J.​ Chosen for the December 2018 cover of The Plant Journal and a “Research Highlight” article:​

Lindeboom, J.J., Nakamura, M., Saltini, M., Hibbel, A., Walia, A., Ketelaar, T., Emons, A.M.C., Sedbrook, J.C., Kirik, V., Mulder, B.M., and Ehrhardt, D.W. (2018) CLASP stabilization of plus ends created by severing promotes microtubule creation and reorientation. J. Cell Biol. DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201805047​

McGinn, M., Phippen, W.B., Chopra, R., Bansal, S., Jarvis, B.A., Phippen, M.E., Dorn, K.M., Esfahanian, M., Nazarenus, T.J., Cahoon, E.B., Durrett, T.P., Marks, M.D., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2018) Molecular tools enabling pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) as a model plant and oilseed cash cover crop. Plant Biotech. J.​

Smith, R.A., Cass, C.L., Mazaheri, M., Sekhon, R.S., Heckwolf, M., Kaeppler, H., de Leon, N., Mansfield, S.D., Kaeppler, S.M., Sedbrook, J.C., Karlen, S.D., and Ralph, J. (2017) Suppression of CINNAMOYL-CoA REDUCTASE increases the level of monolignol ferulates incorporated into maize lignins. Biotechnol. Biofuels. 10:109.

Karlen, S.D., Zhang, C., Peck, M.L., Smith, R.A., Padmakshan, D., Helmich, K.E., Free, H.C.A., Lee, S., Smith, B.G., Lu, F., Sedbrook, J.C., Sibout, R., Grabber, J.H., Runge, T.M., Mysore, K.S., Harris, P.J., Bartley, L.E., and Ralph, J. (2016) Monolignol ferulate conjugates are naturally incorporated into plant lignins. Science Advances2:e1600393.

Cass, C.L., Lavell, A.A., Santoro, N., Foster, C.E., Karlen, S.D., Smith, R.A., Ralph, J., Garvin, D.F., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2016) Cell wall composition and biomass recalcitrance differences within a genotypically diverse set of Brachypodium distachyon inbred lines. Frontiers Plant Sci7:708.​

Petrik, D.L., Cass, C.L., Padmakshan, D., Foster, C.E., Vogel, J.P., Karlen, S.D., Ralph, J., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2016) BdCESA7BdCESA8, and BdPMT utility promoter constructs for targeted expression to secondary cell-wall forming cells of grasses. Frontiers Plant Sci. 7:55.

Jordan, N.R. et al. (2016) Sustainable commercialization of new crops for the agricultural bioeconomy. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. 4:000081.

Yang, Y., Munz, J., Cass, C., Zienkiewicz, A., Kong, Q., Ma, W., Sanjaya, Sedbrook, J., and Benning, C. (2015) Ectopic expression of WRI1 affects fatty acid homeostasis in Brachypodium distachyon vegetative tissues. Plant Physiol169:1836-1847.

Cass, C.L., Peraldi, A., Dowd, P.F., Mottiar, Y., Santoro, N., Karlen, S.D., Bukhman, Y.V., Foster, C.E., Thrower, N., Bruno, L.C., Moskvin, O.V., Johnson, E.T., Willhoit, M.E., Phutane, M., Ralph, J., Mansfield, S.D., Nicholson, P., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2015) Effects of PHENYLALANINE AMMONIA LYASE (PAL) knockdown on cell wall composition, biomass digestibility, and biotic and abiotic stress responses in Brachypodium. J. Exp. Botany. 66:4317-4335.

Galva, C., Kirik, V., Lindeboom, J.J., Kaloriti, D., Rancour, D.M., Hussey, P.J., Bednarek, S.Y., Ehrhardt, D.W., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2014) The Microtubule Plus-End Tracking Proteins SPR1 and EB1b Interact to Maintain Polar Cell Elongation and Directional Organ Growth in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 26:4409-4425.

Sedbrook, J.C., Phippen, W.B., and Marks, M.D. (2014) New approaches to facilitate rapid domestication of a wild plant to an oilseed crop: example pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.). Plant Science 227:122-132.

Petrik, D.L., Karlen, S.D., Cass, C.L., Padmakshan, D., Lu, F., Liu, S., Le Bris, P., Antelme, S., Santoro, N., Wilkerson, C.G., Sibout, R., Lapierre, C., Ralph, J., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2014) p-coumaroyl-CoA:Monolignol Transferase (PMT) acts specifically in the lignin biosynthetic pathway in Brachypodium distachyon. Plant J77:713-726. 

Brkljacic, J. et al. (2011) Brachypodium as a model for the grasses: Today and the future.  Plant Physiol157:3-13.

Vogel, J. et al. (2010) Genome sequencing and analysis of the model grass Brachypodium distachyonNature 463:763-768.

Rozum, J.D., Kopsell, D.E., Bachman, G.R., Wiegand, B.R., Sedbrook, J.C., and Rhykerd, R.L.  (2010). Impact of selected cultural practices on seedling growth of Osage orange (Maclura  pomifera).  Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 103:1-12.

Stanga, J.P., Boonsirichai, K., Sedbrook, J.C., Otegui, M.S., and Masson, P.H. (2009) A role for the TOC complex in Arabidopsis root gravitropism. Plant Physiol149:1896-905.

Sedbrook, J. C. and Kaloriti, D. (2008) Microtubules, MAPs and plant directional cell expansion. Trends Plant Sci 13:303-10.

Kirik, V, Herrmann, U, Parapalli, C, Sedbrook, J.C., Ehrhardt, D.W., and Hülskamp, M. (2007) CLASP localizes in two discreet patterns on cortical microtubules and is required for cell morphogenesis and cell division in Arabidopsis. J. Cell Sci120:4416-25.

Kaloriti, D., Galva, C., Parupalli, C., Khalifa, N., Galvin, M., and Sedbrook, J. C. (2007) Microtubule Associated Proteins in plants and the processes they manage. J. Integr. Plant Biol. 49:1164-1173.

Yuen, C. Y., Sedbrook, J. C., Perrin, R. M., Carroll, K. L., and Masson, P. H. (2005). Loss-of-function mutations of ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE3 suppress root waving, skewing, and epidermal cell file rotation in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol138:701-714.

Gillmor, C. S., Lukowitz, W., Brininstool, G., Sedbrook, J. C., Hamann, T., Poindexter, P., and Somerville, C. (2005). Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins are required for cell wall synthesis and morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell17:1128-1140.

Sedbrook, J. C. (2004). MAPs in plant cells: delineating microtubule growth dynamics and organization. Cur. Opin. Plant Biol7:632-640.

Sedbrook, J. C., Ehrhardt, D. W., Fisher, S. E., Scheible, W.-R., and Somerville, C. R. (2004). The Arabidopsis SKU6/SPR1 gene encodes a plus-end localized microtubule-interacting protein involved in directional cell expansion. Plant Cell 16: 1506-1520.

Postdoc and PhD publications

Boonsirichai, K., Sedbrook, J. C., Chen, R., Gilroy, S., and Masson, P. H. (2003). ARG1 is a peripheral membrane protein that modulates gravity-induced cytoplasmic alkalinization and lateral auxin transport in plant statocytes. Plant Cell15: 2612-2625.

Sedbrook, J. C., Carroll, K.L., Hung, K.F., Masson, P.H. and Somerville, C.R. (2002). The Arabidopsis SKU5 gene encodes an extracellular glycosyl phosphatidylinositol-anchored glycoprotein involved in directional root growth. Plant Cell 14:1635-1648.

Sedbrook, J. C., Chen, R. J., and Masson, P. H. (1999). ARG1 (Altered Response to Gravity) encodes a novel DnaJ-like protein that potentially interacts with the cytoskeleton. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96:1140-1145.

Lynn, K., Fernandez, A., Aida, M., Sedbrook, J., Tasaka, M., Masson, P., and Barton, M. K. (1999). The PINHEAD/ZWILLE gene acts pleiotropically in Arabidopsis development and has overlapping functions with the ARGONAUTE1 gene. Development 126:469-481.

Chen, R., Hilson, P., Sedbrook, J., Rosen, E., Caspar, T., and Masson, P. H. (1998). The Arabidopsis thaliana AGRAVITROPIC1 gene encodes a component of the polar-auxin-transport efflux carrier. Proc. Natl. Acad Sci. USA 95:15112-15117.

Sedbrook, J. C., Kronebusch, P. J., Borisy, G. G., Trewavas, A. J., and Masson, P. H. (1996). Transgenic AEQUORIN reveals organ-specific cytosolic Ca2+ responses to anoxia in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. Plant Physiol111:243-257.

Hirschie Johnson, C., Knight, M. R., Kondo, T., Masson, P. Sedbrook, J., Haley, A., and Trewavas, A. (1995) Circadian oscillations of cytosolic and chloroplastic free calcium in plants. Science 269:1863-1865.​​

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