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Sedbrook Lab Publications​

Chopra, R., Johnson, E.B., Daniels, E., McGinn, M., Dorn, K.M., Esfahanian, M., Folstad, N., Amundson, K., Altendorf, K., Betts, K., Frels, K., Anderson, J.A., Wyse, D.L., Sedbrook, J.C., and Marks, M.D. (2018) Translational genomics using Arabidopsis as a model enables the characterization of pennycress genes through forward and reverse genetics. Plant J.​ Chosen for the December 2018 cover of The Plant Journal and a “Research Highlight” article:​

Lindeboom, J.J., Nakamura, M., Saltini, M., Hibbel, A., Walia, A., Ketelaar, T., Emons, A.M.C., Sedbrook, J.C., Kirik, V., Mulder, B.M., and Ehrhardt, D.W. (2018) CLASP stabilization of plus ends created by severing promotes microtubule creation and reorientation. J. Cell Biol. DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201805047​

McGinn, M., Phippen, W.B., Chopra, R., Bansal, S., Jarvis, B.A., Phippen, M.E., Dorn, K.M., Esfahanian, M., Nazarenus, T.J., Cahoon, E.B., Durrett, T.P., Marks, M.D., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2018) Molecular tools enabling pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) as a model plant and oilseed cash cover crop. Plant Biotech. J.​

Smith, R.A., Cass, C.L., Mazaheri, M., Sekhon, R.S., Heckwolf, M., Kaeppler, H., de Leon, N., Mansfield, S.D., Kaeppler, S.M., Sedbrook, J.C., Karlen, S.D., and Ralph, J. (2017) Suppression of CINNAMOYL-CoA REDUCTASE increases the level of monolignol ferulates incorporated into maize lignins. Biotechnol. Biofuels. 10:109.

Karlen, S.D., Zhang, C., Peck, M.L., Smith, R.A., Padmakshan, D., Helmich, K.E., Free, H.C.A., Lee, S., Smith, B.G., Lu, F., Sedbrook, J.C., Sibout, R., Grabber, J.H., Runge, T.M., Mysore, K.S., Harris, P.J., Bartley, L.E., and Ralph, J. (2016) Monolignol ferulate conjugates are naturally incorporated into plant lignins. Science Advances2:e1600393.

Cass, C.L., Lavell, A.A., Santoro, N., Foster, C.E., Karlen, S.D., Smith, R.A., Ralph, J., Garvin, D.F., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2016) Cell wall composition and biomass recalcitrance differences within a genotypically diverse set of Brachypodium distachyon inbred lines. Frontiers Plant Sci7:708.​

Petrik, D.L., Cass, C.L., Padmakshan, D., Foster, C.E., Vogel, J.P., Karlen, S.D., Ralph, J., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2016) BdCESA7BdCESA8, and BdPMT utility promoter constructs for targeted expression to secondary cell-wall forming cells of grasses. Frontiers Plant Sci. 7:55.

Jordan, N.R. et al. (2016) Sustainable commercialization of new crops for the agricultural bioeconomy. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. 4:000081.

Yang, Y., Munz, J., Cass, C., Zienkiewicz, A., Kong, Q., Ma, W., Sanjaya, Sedbrook, J., and Benning, C. (2015) Ectopic expression of WRI1 affects fatty acid homeostasis in Brachypodium distachyon vegetative tissues. Plant Physiol169:1836-1847.

Cass, C.L., Peraldi, A., Dowd, P.F., Mottiar, Y., Santoro, N., Karlen, S.D., Bukhman, Y.V., Foster, C.E., Thrower, N., Bruno, L.C., Moskvin, O.V., Johnson, E.T., Willhoit, M.E., Phutane, M., Ralph, J., Mansfield, S.D., Nicholson, P., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2015) Effects of PHENYLALANINE AMMONIA LYASE (PAL) knockdown on cell wall composition, biomass digestibility, and biotic and abiotic stress responses in Brachypodium. J. Exp. Botany. 66:4317-4335.

Galva, C., Kirik, V., Lindeboom, J.J., Kaloriti, D., Rancour, D.M., Hussey, P.J., Bednarek, S.Y., Ehrhardt, D.W., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2014) The Microtubule Plus-End Tracking Proteins SPR1 and EB1b Interact to Maintain Polar Cell Elongation and Directional Organ Growth in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 26:4409-4425.

Sedbrook, J.C., Phippen, W.B., and Marks, M.D. (2014) New approaches to facilitate rapid domestication of a wild plant to an oilseed crop: example pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.). Plant Science 227:122-132.

Petrik, D.L., Karlen, S.D., Cass, C.L., Padmakshan, D., Lu, F., Liu, S., Le Bris, P., Antelme, S., Santoro, N., Wilkerson, C.G., Sibout, R., Lapierre, C., Ralph, J., and Sedbrook, J.C. (2014) p-coumaroyl-CoA:Monolignol Transferase (PMT) acts specifically in the lignin biosynthetic pathway in Brachypodium distachyon. Plant J77:713-726. 

Brkljacic, J. et al. (2011) Brachypodium as a model for the grasses: Today and the future.  Plant Physiol157:3-13.

Vogel, J. et al. (2010) Genome sequencing and analysis of the model grass Brachypodium distachyonNature 463:763-768.

Rozum, J.D., Kopsell, D.E., Bachman, G.R., Wiegand, B.R., Sedbrook, J.C., and Rhykerd, R.L.  (2010). Impact of selected cultural practices on seedling growth of Osage orange (Maclura  pomifera).  Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 103:1-12.

Stanga, J.P., Boonsirichai, K., Sedbrook, J.C., Otegui, M.S., and Masson, P.H. (2009) A role for the TOC complex in Arabidopsis root gravitropism. Plant Physiol149:1896-905.

Sedbrook, J. C. and Kaloriti, D. (2008) Microtubules, MAPs and plant directional cell expansion. Trends Plant Sci 13:303-10.

Kirik, V, Herrmann, U, Parapalli, C, Sedbrook, J.C., Ehrhardt, D.W., and Hülskamp, M. (2007) CLASP localizes in two discreet patterns on cortical microtubules and is required for cell morphogenesis and cell division in Arabidopsis. J. Cell Sci120:4416-25.

Kaloriti, D., Galva, C., Parupalli, C., Khalifa, N., Galvin, M., and Sedbrook, J. C. (2007) Microtubule Associated Proteins in plants and the processes they manage. J. Integr. Plant Biol. 49:1164-1173.

Yuen, C. Y., Sedbrook, J. C., Perrin, R. M., Carroll, K. L., and Masson, P. H. (2005). Loss-of-function mutations of ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE3 suppress root waving, skewing, and epidermal cell file rotation in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol138:701-714.

Gillmor, C. S., Lukowitz, W., Brininstool, G., Sedbrook, J. C., Hamann, T., Poindexter, P., and Somerville, C. (2005). Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins are required for cell wall synthesis and morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell17:1128-1140.

Sedbrook, J. C. (2004). MAPs in plant cells: delineating microtubule growth dynamics and organization. Cur. Opin. Plant Biol7:632-640.

Sedbrook, J. C., Ehrhardt, D. W., Fisher, S. E., Scheible, W.-R., and Somerville, C. R. (2004). The Arabidopsis SKU6/SPR1 gene encodes a plus-end localized microtubule-interacting protein involved in directional cell expansion. Plant Cell 16: 1506-1520.

Postdoc and PhD publications

Boonsirichai, K., Sedbrook, J. C., Chen, R., Gilroy, S., and Masson, P. H. (2003). ARG1 is a peripheral membrane protein that modulates gravity-induced cytoplasmic alkalinization and lateral auxin transport in plant statocytes. Plant Cell15: 2612-2625.

Sedbrook, J. C., Carroll, K.L., Hung, K.F., Masson, P.H. and Somerville, C.R. (2002). The Arabidopsis SKU5 gene encodes an extracellular glycosyl phosphatidylinositol-anchored glycoprotein involved in directional root growth. Plant Cell 14:1635-1648.

Sedbrook, J. C., Chen, R. J., and Masson, P. H. (1999). ARG1 (Altered Response to Gravity) encodes a novel DnaJ-like protein that potentially interacts with the cytoskeleton. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96:1140-1145.

Lynn, K., Fernandez, A., Aida, M., Sedbrook, J., Tasaka, M., Masson, P., and Barton, M. K. (1999). The PINHEAD/ZWILLE gene acts pleiotropically in Arabidopsis development and has overlapping functions with the ARGONAUTE1 gene. Development 126:469-481.

Chen, R., Hilson, P., Sedbrook, J., Rosen, E., Caspar, T., and Masson, P. H. (1998). The Arabidopsis thaliana AGRAVITROPIC1 gene encodes a component of the polar-auxin-transport efflux carrier. Proc. Natl. Acad Sci. USA 95:15112-15117.

Sedbrook, J. C., Kronebusch, P. J., Borisy, G. G., Trewavas, A. J., and Masson, P. H. (1996). Transgenic AEQUORIN reveals organ-specific cytosolic Ca2+ responses to anoxia in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. Plant Physiol111:243-257.

Hirschie Johnson, C., Knight, M. R., Kondo, T., Masson, P. Sedbrook, J., Haley, A., and Trewavas, A. (1995) Circadian oscillations of cytosolic and chloroplastic free calcium in plants. Science 269:1863-1865.​​

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