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Dr. Jeremy Driskell's portait
Dr. Jeremy Driskell

Research Interests

  • Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
  • Nanomaterial surface modification
  • Immunoassay development​

Teaching Interests

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Bioanalytical Chemistry

Latest News

  • Former lab member, Samuel Okyem, is awarded NSF Research Traineeship. (8/2021)
  • Samuel Okyem (Driskell Lab, M.S. 2020) joins Prof. Sweedler’s group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (8/2020)
  • Olatunde Awotunde (Driskell Lab, M.S. 2020) joins Prof. Lieberman’s group at the University of Notre Dame. (8/2020)
  • Congratulations to Daniel Burr who earned his M.S. in Chemistry. (8/2019)
  • Congratulations to Lupe Ruiz who earned her B.S. in Biology. (5/2019)
  • NSF funds project to design antibody-gold nanoparticle bioconjugates. (9/2018)
  • NIJ funds collaborative project to couple SERS and PSI-MS (PIs: Mulligan, Driskell, Kim, and Weiland). (1/2018)


Contact Me:

Department of Chemistry
Illino​is State University
Campus Box 4160Phone: (309) 438-2663

Office:​ SLB 215​
Email Me: ​jdriske​

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