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2. Kukla, D. L.; Canchola, J.; Rosenthal, J. D.; Mills, J. J. Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of the Anaephene Antibiotics. Chem. Bio. Drug Des. 2021, 98, 295-304. Link

1. Kukla, D. L.; Canchola, J.; Mills, J. J. Synthesis of the Cyanobacterial Antibiotics Anaephenes A and B. J. Nat. Prod. 2020, 83, 2036-2040. Link

Recent News

  • Congratulations to David, Juan and Joey on getting the second chapter of the anaephene story published in Chem. Bio. Drug Des.! 6/09/21
  • Congratulations to Katelyn Wallace for being awarded the Charles Morris STEM Scholarship! 5/06/21
  • Congratulations to David and Juan on getting the groups first publication in J. Nat. Prod.! 5/26/20
  • Congratulations to Ta’Juan Ingram and Juan Canchola for receiving funding through the Undergraduate Research Support Program! 3/27/20
  • Congratulations to Juan Canchola for being awarded the STEM Social Excellence Scholarship! 11/7/19
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