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James M. Skibo
James M. Skibo
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Dr James Skibo is the Founding Editor for the book series,

:Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry


2015 Explorations in Behavioral Archaeology 

Editors: William Walker and James Skibo

2008 People and Things: A Behavioral Approach to Material Culture. Authors: James M. Skibo, Michael B. Schiffer. Springer Press
2012 Understanding Pottery Function. James M. Skibo, Springer Press
2007 Archaeological Anthropology: Perspectives on Method and Theory.  Editors: James M. Skibo, Michael W. Graves, Miriam T. Stark. University of Arizona Press 2006 Bear Cave Hill: A Memoir. James M. Skibo. iUniverse, Inc
2002 The Joyce Well Site: On the Frontier of the Casas Grandes World.  Editors: James M. Skibo, Eugene B. McCluney, William H. Walker. University of Utah Press 1999 Ants For Breakfast: Archaeological Adventures among the Kalinga. James M. Skibo. University of Utah Press
1998 Pottery and People: A Dynamic Interaction. Editors:James M. Skibo, Gary M. Feinman. University of Utah Press 1995 Expanding Archaeology. Editors:James M. Skibo, Axel E. Nielsen, William H. Walker. University of Utah Press
1994 Kalinga Ethnoarchaeology: Expanding Archaeological Method and Theory. Editors: William A. Longacre, James M. Skibo. Smithsonian Institution Press 1992 Pottery Function: Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology. James M. Skibo. Springer Press