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James M. Skibo
James M. Skibo
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Grand Island Archaeological Program Photos
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An excavation in progress. The Youth Archaeology Workshop (YAW) brings junior high kids to the island for two days of intensive archaeology instruction. The students participate in the excavation and work alongside the college students.

Dolores LeVeque, an Ojibwe (Anishnabeg) representative, performs a smudging ceremony. 

Tours are offered daily to the interested public
Pipe Carrier Daryl Brown performs a pipe ceremony
Eric Drake teaching flint-knapping courses

2007: Chris Richmond & Dr. Terry Martin's workshop on identifying faunal remains.

Brazilian Professor Dr. Adriana Schmidt Dias & Dr. Gina Bessa joined the 2007 excavation.

A rock cluster is examined
Eric Drake lays out excavation grid for the 2007 excavations

Artifact cleaning & preservation

Recovered Artifact: Glass Trade-Bead Pendant

Students attending a lecture. Attendees: Kacey Burton, Nicholas French, Aaron Graham, Rhiannon McBride, Erin Schwiderson, and Debbie Sprinkle. 
Staff members
: Eric Drake and Rich Raffaelli.  

Many students use Grand Island research as the topic of Senior and Masters theses.

Seclusion from television, internet, and telephones make a campfire the main source of entertainment

"Profiles of a post hole and smudge pit from Geta Odena (Skibo et al. 2004, 2007)"

Local television news covers excavation progress

Underwater archaeological research in 2004

Field School 2001: Top Row  Buck Farley, Eric Drake, Brad Hanson, Neil Dellinger, Catherine Fitzgerald, Matt Eklund, and Nick Leden. Middle Row: Richard Raffaelli, Emily Hanzlik, Nick Ames, Jim Skibo, Matt Skibo. Front Row: Shannon Reynolds, Joy Karbon, Becky Skibo, Sadie Skibo, Alicia Holmbeck, and Vickie Squier.
The 2004 Team: Top Row: Stephanie Dale, Matt Cross, Trisha Wood, Tony Belz, and Nate Hardwick. Second Row (Standing): Jim Skibo, Eric Drake and Tim Goggin.Front Row (Sitting): Randy Lee, John Parker-McGlynn, Alice Davin, Matt Postelwaite, Rene Llewellyn, and Scott Galuska The 2005 Team: Back Row Eric Drake, Jakob Sedig, Laura Blank, Jeff Wituk, Jim Skibo, Ryan Griffin, Katie Vogel, Nate Hardwick, Samantha (Sam) DeLong  Front Row Mike Burke, Melissa (Mel) Ashmore , Josh Rosen, Ian Ellis, Melissa Sierra, Suzanne Hardwick

The 2007 Team
Campfire entertainment

Eric Drake (right) oversees excavations
Historic Farrell Cottage

Dr. Terry Martin (left) (Illinois State Museum) conducts a zooarchaeology seminar. Ceramics distribution map

Grand Island Site Location Map
Grand Island Parks & Recreations Map

Satellite Imagery on Google maps
Federal Land Map
North Beach offers relaxing sunshine and swimming

Tombstone of Abraham Williams, First Euro-American settler on Grand Island

East Channel Lighthouse (1868), pre-restoration

East Channel Lighthouse post 2005 restoration
"The largest animal with a breeding presence on the island is the black bear, from which campers must protect themselves." -wikipedia

Echo Lake, in the center of Grand Island
Grand Island seen from the main land

North Beach
Bicycle/ATV paths blanket the island

A beautiful view of Trout Point
Sunset over Lake Superior​