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James M. Skibo
James M. Skibo
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​​Courses I Teach:

Anthropology 274: Principles of Archaeology
Principles, methods, and techniques of locating and excavating archaeological sites, interpreting archaeological data, and reconstructing past behavior.

Anthropology 301: Archaeological​ Analysis of Prehistoric Materials
An advanced course that uses a combination of lectures and laboratory sessions to explore the methods used in the analysis of prehistoric archaeological materials. 

Anthropology 382: Senior Thesis in Anthropology
Intensive experience in research and writing on an individually selected topic. 

Anthropology 384: North American Archaeology
Prehistoric cultures of North America, from late Pleistocene to the occupation by Europeans. Development of cultural patterns traced; current problems examined

Anthropology 386: Archaeology Theory
Archeological method and theory from 1800 to the present, emphasizing American archaeology