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Laura Vogel
Laura Vogel
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Lab Group - past and present

  • Ryan Dailey, Master’s student (2001); physician
  • Jennifer Biser, Master’s student (2001; co- chair with Sabine Loew) - environmental consultant
  • Eric Cox, Master’s student (2002); physician
  • Sarah Windler, Master’s student (2002); PhD program at Berkley; Staff Scientist, Biotium Inc

  • Jagadish Hegde, Master’s student (2003); physician

  • Kiley (Hill) McGlauchlen, Master’s student (2003); Director Clinical Research, Quincy Medical Group
  • Michelle Ratliff, Master’s student (2005); PhD program Miami University; Postdoctoral fellow at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • George Stanton, Master’s student (2006); physician

Danna Lewis, Master’s student (2006); Research Assistant, Washington University School of Medicine

  • Anna Forsman, Master’s student (2007; co-chair with Charles Thompson); PhD program Cornell
  • Akanksha Panwar, Master’s student (2008); Research Assistant,Cedar Sinai
  • Thao Nguyen, Master’s student (2008); laboratory technician
  • Tony Blaeser, PhD student, (2010); post-doctoral fellow, Carolinas Medical Center
  • Laura Zimmerman, PhD student (2013; co-chair with Rachel Bowden)

  • Samrat Moitra, MS student (2013); PhD program, Texas Tech
  • Hazel Ozuna-Vazquez, MS student (2014); PhD program, University of Louisville
lab spring 2014.jpg
  • Sarah Marrochello Palackdharry, MS student, (2016); co-chair with Rachel Bowden

  • Marc Ashford, MS Student (2018), co-chair with Rachel Bowden



Undergraduate Students 

My laboratory has mentored over 50 undergraduate student research projects.  Several students have completed senior theses:

Hina Ansar                                  Katrina Porter          Pravleen Bains                  

Jasmine Rogers                            Bailey Walker

Interesting in joining the lab and getting involved in a research project?

Contact me:

Laura Vogel 
School of Biological Sciences 
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4120

Phone: (309) 438 - 2479

Fax: (309) 438 - 3722 
Email Me​