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2022           <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><

Carvajal-Quintero J., Comte L., Giam X., Olden J.D., Erős T., Ruhi A., Fortin M.-J., Filipe A.F., Irving K., Jacquet C., Larsen S., Sharma S., Villalobos F. & Tedesco P.A. (2022) Scale of population synchrony confirms macroecological estimates of minimum viable range size. Ecology Letters,

Ruhi A., Hwang J., Devineni N., Mukhopadhyay S., Kumar H., Comte L., Worland S. & Sankarasubramanian A. (2022) How does flow alteration propagate across a large, highly regulated basin? Dam attributes, network context, and implications for biodiversity. Earth’s Future, 10: e2021EF002490.

Pinsky M.L., Comte L. & Sax D. (2022) Unifying climate change biology across realms and taxa. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 37: 672-682.

Messager M.L., Comte L., Couto T.B.A., Koontz E.D., Kuehne L.M., Rogosch J.S., Stiling R.R. & Olden J.D. (2022) Course‐based undergraduate research to advance environmental education, science, and resource management. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment,

Comte L., Olden J.D., Lischka, S., Dickson, B.G. (2022) Multi-scale threat assessment of riverine ecosystems in the Colorado River Basin. Ecological Indicators, 138: 108840.

2021           <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><

Comte L., Olden J.D., Tedesco P.A., Ruhi A., Giam X. (2021) Climate and land-use changes interact to drive long-term reorganization of riverine fish communities globally. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, doi:10.1073/pnas.2011639118.*** Recommended in Faculty Opinions here!

Larsen S., Comte L., Filipa Filipe A., Fortin M.‐J., Jacquet C., Ryser R., Tedesco P.A., Brose U., Erős T., Giam X., Irving K., Ruhi A., Sharma S., Olden J.D. (2021) The geography of metapopulation synchrony in dendritic river networks. Ecology Letters, 24: 791-801.

Comte L., Grantham T., Ruhi, A. (2021) Human stabilization of river flows is linked with fish invasions across the United States. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 30: 725-737.

Comte L., Carvajal J., Tedesco P., Giam X., Brose U., Eros T., Filipe A., Fortin M.-J., Irving K., Jacquet C., Larsen S., Sharma S., Ruhi A., Becker F., Casatti L., Castaldelli G., Dala-Corte R., Davenport S., Franssen N., García-Berthou E., Gavioli A., Gido K., Jimenez-Segura L., Leitão R., McLarney B., Meador J., Milardi M., Moffatt D., Occhi T., Pompeu P., Propst D., Pyron M., Salvador G., Stefferud J., Sutela T., Taylor C., Terui A., Urabe H., Vehanen T., Vitule J., Zeni J., Olden J. (2021) RivFishTIME: A global database of fish time-series to study global change ecology in riverine systems. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 30: 3850.

2020            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><

Erős T.*, Comte L.*, Filipe A. F., Ruhi A., Tedesco P.A., Brose U., Fortin M-J, Giam X., Irving K., Jacquet C., Larsen S., Sharma S., & Olden J.D. (2020) Effects of nonnative species on the stability of riverine fish communities. Ecography, 43: 1156-1166. [*First co-authors]




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2019            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><

Liu C., Comte L., Xian W., Chen Y. & Olden J.D. (2019) Current and projected future risks of freshwater fish invasions in China. Ecography, 42: 2074-2083.

2018            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><

Comte L. & Olden J.D. (2018) Fish dispersal in flowing waters: a synthesis of movement- and genetic-based studies. Fish & Fisheries, 19: 1063-1077.

Olden J.D., Comte L. & Giam X. (2018) The Homogocene: a research prospectus for the study of biotic homogenisation. NeoBiota, 37: 23-26

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Chevalier M., Comte L., Lafaille, P. &  Grenouillet G. (2018) Interactions between species attributes explain population dynamics in stream fishes under a changing climate. Ecosphere, 9: e02061

2017            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><

Comte L. & Olden J.D. (2017) Climatic vulnerability of the world’s freshwater and marine fishes. Nature Climate Change, 7: 718–722

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2016            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><  

Comte L., Hugueny B. & Grenouillet G. (2016) Climate interacts with anthropogenic drivers to determine extirpation dynamics. Ecography, 39: 1008-1016 .

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Olden J.D., Comte L. & Giam X. (2016) Biotic Homogenisation. eLS: 1–8.

2015            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><  

Comte L. & Grenouillet G. (2015) Distribution shifts of freshwater fish under a variable climate: comparing climatic, bioclimatic and biotic velocities. Diversity and Distributions, 21: 1014-1026.

Conti L., Comte L., Hugueny B. & Grenouillet G. (2015) Drivers of freshwater fish colonisations and extirpations under climate change. Ecography, 38: 510-519.

2014            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><  

Comte L., Murienne J. & Grenouillet G. (2014) Species traits and phylogenetic conservatism of climate-induced range shifts in stream fishes. Nature Communications, 5: 5023, 10.1038/ncomm6053.

Grenouillet G. & Comte L. (2014) Illuminating geographical patterns in species’ range shifts. Global Change Biology, 20: 3080-3091.

2013            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><  

Comte L. & Grenouillet G. (2013) Do stream fish track climate change? Assessing distribution shifts in recent decades. Ecography, 36: 1236–1246.

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2010            <°)))><      <°)))><       <°)))><  

Comte L., Lek S., de Deckere E., de Zwart D. & Gevrey M. (2010) Assessment of stream biological responses under multiple-stress conditions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 17: 1469-1478.

Gevrey M., Comte L., de Zwart D., de Deckere E. & Lek S. (2010) Modeling the chemical and toxic water status of the Scheldt basin (Belgium), using aquatic invertebrate assemblages and an advanced modeling method. Environmental Pollution, 158: 3209-3218.

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