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COVID-19 Archives

Letters in Biomathematics is now accepting manuscripts on COVID-19 research to be made openly available to the general public for viewing almost instantly. These manuscripts will then go through our usual peer-review process for considering of permanent publication in a special issue of the journal.

Special Issue on COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) disease, also called COVID-19, emerged in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China in December 2019. The outbreak is already responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of lives and has become an unprecedented threat to public health worldwide. Currently many research groups are focusing on examining epidemic models to control and predict the global spread of the virus.

With this special issue of the journal, we are aiming to establish a collection of articles on mathematical models for transmission of this and similar infectious diseases. Understanding the epidemic trends that stem from the city of Wuhan will help in predicting future outbreaks as well as in identifying the best possible mitigation strategies.

Editors for the COVID-19 Archives

The rapid review process is made possible thanks to a dedicated group of associate editors. The guest editors are honored to be working with these committed scholars.

Submission Process

Authors who wish to have their COVID-19 research quickly appear in our public archives need to submit their manuscript in the section titled “COVID-19 Achives”. The process for appearance and review of the manuscript will then be as follows:

  1. The manuscript is sent to an editor for a “rapid review” for an initial assessment.
  2. If approved by the editor, the manuscript will be posted to the COVID-19 Archives within five business-days with a “provisionally approved” status.
  3. The manuscript will then enter the journal’s standard review process with the exception that the authors’ names will no longer be anonymous (i.e., a blind review but not double-blind).
  4. If accepted, the manuscript will be considered fully published and will permanently appear in the journal’s COVID-19 Special Issue.

Here are some additional points of note for manuscripts submitted to the COVID-19 Archives:

  • The authors should not submit an anonymous copy. Be sure to include all authors’ names and affiliations on your submitted manuscript.
  • There is no journal-specific formatting required. Any standard article document class/style may be used.
  • A “Comments for Authors” link will be enabled for manuscripts that appear in the COVID-19 Archives for direct email correspondence with the submitting authors from the general public.
  • While all manuscripts that pass the rapid-review process with the journal editor will be posted in the COVID-19 Archives, this is not intended to be a permanent repository.
    • Manuscripts that pass the blind-review process will be transitioned to the journal’s special issue.
    • Manuscripts that do not pass will eventually be removed from the COVID-19 Archives and may be submitted to another journal.
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