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Review Process

All manuscripts that pass an initial assessment by the Editor-in-Chief are assigned to a section editor. The section editor oversees the review process. The reviewers will not see any author information, and the authors will not see who the reviewers are (a double-blind review process). The section editor makes a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief based on the reviews, and the Editor-in-Chief renders a decision and communicates directly with the authors.

Typically, the submitting author can expect to hear from the editor-in-chief regarding the status of their submission in regards to this review process within three months.

Preliminary Stage

Submitted manuscripts will be sent to peer reviewers, unless they are out of scope or below the interest threshold of Letters in Biomathematics, or if the presentation or written English is of an unacceptably low standard. Submitted manuscripts go through a two-stage review process in the interest of speedy response. Publication of articles by Letters in Biomathematics is dependent primarily on their validity and coherence, as judged by peer reviewers and editors. The reviewers will consider whether the writing is comprehensible and how interesting they consider the article to be. Manuscripts that pass the initial review by the Section Editor are sent to at least two experts.

Reviewers’ Role

Peer reviewers will be asked to recommend whether a manuscript should be accepted, revised, or rejected. They will also alert the editors of any issues relating to author misconduct such as plagiarism or unethical behavior.

Reject Decisions

  • Reject without review (editorial reject),
  • Reject (after review, possibly after revision)

Revise Decisions

  • Revise without review (editorial revise, revision will restart review process),
  • Revise and resubmit (will go back to both reviewers and editor)

Accept Decisions

  • Accept with minor modification (will only go back to editor),
  • Accept

Final Stage

Manuscripts rejected by Letters in Biomathematics cannot be resubmitted. We hope the review process gives the authors sufficient information to submit to another journal. If a revision is not received back from the authors within three months, the paper will be considered withdrawn. If a conditionally accepted paper is not brought into final form within two months, the paper will be considered withdrawn. Letters in Biomathematics operates using a double-blind review process.

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