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In each of my courses, my goals are to engage students in learning opportunities that will have applications in future courses or professional experiences. I enjoy leading trips to the field and providing time ​​​for hands ​on activities in the classroom.​​​​​​​​

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​Courses I regularly teach:

GEO 203 Minerals, Rocks Fossils, & Maps

This course introduces methods for identifying minerals and rocks and intepreting features on geologic and topographic maps. Th​is class integrates lecture, lab activities, discussions and field trips to introuduce how geoscientists investigate geologic principles and earth science problems. ​​​GEO203_SampleSyllabus.pdf

GEO 207 Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters investigates the science of earth related natural processes and the disasters that may be created by these processes.  HonorsGEO207_SampleSyllabus.pdf

GEO 363 GIS Applications for Geologists

This course introduces how geologic and earth surface data are stored and analyzed within a geographic information system. We cover topics including: types of data, coordinate systems and projections, important map components, analyses of surface data, modeling streams, geologic units and geologic processes.  GEO363_SampleSyllabus.pdf

GEO 380 Geomorphology

This course investigates the processes that shape the earth’s landscape features. Through our discussions and lab activities, we will evaluate how erosion or deposition of materials creates new features in the landscape. We will use topographic maps, computer programs and field trips to study these features.  GEO380_SampleSyllabus.pdf

GEO 382 Glacial and Quaternary Geology

This class investigates the development of glaciers, glacial movements, deposits, and landforms. We discuss the changing climate conditions that drive glacial processes and how landscapes can record these changes. We will also discuss other Quaternary processes related to glacial history including sea level rise and mountain uplift. We use topographic maps, geographic information systems, Google Earth, lab experiments, and field trips to study glacial and Quaternary features in Illinois.  GEO382_SampleSyllabus.pdf

GEO 493.07 Geology of Illinois: Teaching Rocks, Minerals, and Mining

This summer workshop course for teachers focuses on Illinois geology, mining, land reclamation, sustainability, and environmental issues. The workshop is taught with the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers.

Other Courses I have taught

  • Field Camp
  • Sedimentology
  • Physical Geology
  • Geographic Information Systems
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