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Courses I Regularly Teach

THE 171 History of the American Film

Aesthetic, cultural and industrial aspects of American film history.

THE 271 THE Studies of Non-Western Film and Theatre

Study of the historical and aesthetic development of film and theatre from AMALI cultures. May be repeated with different content (as indicated with an A-suffix number; see course that follows).

THE 271a07 Studies of Non-Western Film: Asian Film Genres

This course is designed for and open to all students who are interested in Asian film and culture.

THE 273 Topics In Film Criticism

Comparative and in-depth study of critical methods for film interpretation and of the theoretical sources for these methods.

THE 273a07 Topics in Film Criticism: Film Noir

This course traces the development of the film noir genre and explores its visual expressions, thematic concerns, and the ways film noir represents and reflects the cultural conditions of the time in which it is produced.

THE 273a08 Topics in Film Criticism: Horror Films

This course offers a historical overview of the horror cinema from its origins to the present and examines representative films from theoretical, cultural, and historical perspectives.

THE 275a02 World Arts: Film

Introduction to film from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

THE 370 – History Of The Cinema

Historical and aesthetic development of the cinema from its origins to the present. 

THE 371 – Film Theory And Criticism

Theories relating to the art of filmmaking, including feminist film theory, genre theory, sound, race theory.

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