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Resources for Health Care Providers

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Change your language by reading “Challenging ageism: A guide to talking about aging and older age” by the Centre for Aging Better

Reframing Aging

In this free newsletter, you will find ways share information, ideas, and inspiration to improve the public’s understanding of what aging means and the contributions older people bring to society.

Fighting Ageism in Health Care

This blogpost offers tips for health and social care workers to unintentional ageist behaviors when interacting with older patients.

Reducing Social Isolation

engAGED: The National Resource Center for Engaging Older Adults

This organization identifies and disseminates information about emerging trends and best practices and develops social engagement resources, which include publications and free webinars

Social Isolation and Loneliness Toolkit

An outreach toolkit with materials and resources to help reduce social isolation and loneliness, including animated graphics, social media images and posts, infographics, and educational flyer, health information, video, and more.

Providing Care

Communicating with People with Hearing Loss

Helpful tips from the University of California San Francisco on communicating with those with hearing loss.

Alzheimer’s Support For Healthcare Professionals

This site provides resources for professionals from the National Institute on Aging, toolkit for dementia support group leaders, and a course and network for leaders in healthcare.

Helpful Articles

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