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Technology support sites, instruction opportunities, low-cost Internet plans and McLean County WIFI hot spots.

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Education & Support

Oasis Connections

Oasis is a national nonprofit organization devoted to lifelong learning for older adults. The Connections program offers technology training specifically designed for older adults. On their website, there are opportunities to sign up for online virtual classes. 

Oasis YouTube Channel

The Oasis YouTube channel offers a variety of videos on cybercrime and online safety, as well as a tutorial on using Zoom.

Local Training Sessions

Current partners offering Oasis Connections technology training courses are the ARC in Normal, Lexington Public Library, Living Well United Senior Center of LeRoy, and Bloomington Housing Authority.  Additional partners are in the works.  Please contact Elizabeth Kosuth at (309) 438-2039, or for further information.

Tech Tutoring

The Activity and Resource Center (ARC) of Normal offers technology tutoring for their members.

Technology Support Tailored to Older Adults

Candoo can help solve immediate technology issues, learn something new, or help choose the right device for you.  Services are available by session or through an online membership.

This link is provided merely for information and is not an endorsement or advertisement of the product by Illinois State University or any of its representatives.

Senior Planet

This site is sponsored by AARP, and offers a multitude of free online programming, including technology instruction, fitness classes, educational topics, and discussion groups.  Must be 60 years old or more.

Drive Up WIFI Hot Spots in McLean County

This page of our website gives details on drive-up WiFi access in McLean County.

Birdsong Tablet and Content Subscription

Birdsong tablets are designed especially for older adults. The tablets are pre-loaded with content, supports audio and video calls, are easy to use and connects to the Internet.

This link is provided merely for information and is not an endorsement or advertisement of the product by Illinois State University or any of its representatives.

Low Cost Internet Plans

This website enables users to put in their zip code and check boxes that indicate your eligibility for discounts (i.e., Social Security, Medicaid, Veteran, etc.); this information will generate a list of low-cost internet plans that are available to you.

Printable guide to using technology to connect, including platform and device optionis, assistive technology built into devices, and lower cost internet and cell phone carrier plans.

This Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program provides benefits such as internet service and device discounts.


Checking for malware

If you are suspicious of a file or website address, this site can easily tell you whether you will open yourself up to malware before you even open the file or website.

Website privacy

This breaks down the Terms of Service into everyday language so you can see what you are agreeing to. Popular websites and companies (Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc) are graded; there is also a search function. It is good practice to check this site before signing up for any service.

Privacy Tools

For those who seek maximum privacy, this site “provides services, tools and knowledge to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.” Services include everything from web browsers to email.

Glossary of computer terms

This page provides definitions for 37 different computer terms; while the list is a bit dated, there are basic terms that are simply explained.

Computer Dictionary

This site offers definitions and descriptions of a vast number of technology terms with detailed explanations.

Privacy Not Included

Guide to help you shop for self, secure connected products.  Wondering how private your headphones, Kindle, speakers, or fitness watch is?  Find out here.

Phone Number/Email Breach Checker

With this site, you can check to see if your phone number or email address has been breached and what data has been collected as a result.

Surveillance Self Defense Training

A project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Surveillance Self Defense Training provides tips, tools, and how-tos for safer online communications.


Password managers, keeping data safe, strong passwords, seven steps to digital security and more.

Social Network Safety

How to protect yourself on social networks.


A VPN (virtual private network) masks your IP address and prevents access to your location and identity.  This website explains how VPNs work and how to choose one.

Facebook Safety

Learn how to protect yourself while using Facebook.

Mobile Phone Privacy

A detailed look into privacy issues and solutions with mobile phones.

Privacy and Security

An even deeper dive into privacy and security, covering encryption, crossing US borders, key identification and more.

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