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Webcam – Youlisn / X1 / Unbranded HD

Overall: Ok for lecture recording where clear text or small detail are not required, OK for occasional meetings.
Biggest con: Videos have a ‘pink’ tone to them no matter the lighting, and the camera has a manual focus. In the video I said that the auto focus is horrible but in reality – it doesn’t exist.
Biggest pro: Not expensive.

The video above was recorded using Zoom Cloud. I started to suspect that Zoom Cloud was degrading videos and as such my camera reviews based on those recordings was unfair. Here is a video recorded with the Camera app on my Windows computer:

I do feel the recording of this camera (exact same actual camera, not just same model) is better. There is still a slight pink tone. The audio seems a little better. The biggest CON of the camera is still that it has a manual focus.

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