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Zax Sound Microphone and gooseneck camera stand.

Zax Sound Microphone; Overall: a much better microphone than webcams or laptops have built in so if higher quality audio is a necessity – this is a good option. It didn’t pick up sound as much as I was hoping for when I stepped back or behind my desk, but it was still better than a webcam probably would have done.
Biggest Pro: Excellent sound from about 2 feet away.
Biggest Con: Underwhelming sound from 5+ feet away or behind the mic.

InnoGear (gooseneck) Webcam Stand; Overall: excellent, well made, and does exactly what I wanted it to do (hold a webcam as a document camera or normal webcam).
Biggest Pro: Initial quality.
Biggest Con: Availability, it was sold out by the time I did this review.

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