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Zoom Cloud and video quality (updated 2020-08-19)

I have tested a few different webcams by recording both using the Windows Camera app and Zoom Cloud. It’s now clear to me that Zoom Cloud really destroys does something to impact video quality. 1080p videos recorded with the Zoom Cloud get can be, in certain scenarios, reduced to 640 x 360, which is standard definition quality. For me, this make Zoom Cloud not a workable solution for lecture recording most of the time a tricky option.

This means that, no matter how good a camera is, the Zoom Cloud recording will look horrible. Recording with Zoom to the local computer does not destroy videos, but this method causes long rendering (saving) times that is problematic for classrooms with back-to-back scheduling.

I’ve recorded a whole series of videos where I change the Zoom options to compare quality. A new post with this is coming soon.

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