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Courses I Regularly Teach

ACC 231 : Intermediate Accounting I

This course is the first of a two or three course sequence dealing with financial accounting and reporting. Financial reporting is the communication of relevant economic information for decision-makers outside of the firm. Financial accounting is the identification, measurement, and disclosure of a firm’s economic transactions for reporting purposes. As such, financial accounting focuses on the rules by which firms report their results of operating, investing, and financing activities to interested parties. 

ACC 340 : International Accounting

The principle objectives of this course are designed to encourage students to think about international accounting and business issues and the implication of those issues on U.S. business practices. The specific learning objectives include developing an understanding of the international business environment, explaining key elements of IFRS and the move towards harmonization, relating how international operations affect accounting and business activities, learning to effectively use internet resources to research and solve accounting problems, and developing an ability to identify and analyze situations where accounting and auditing problems exist and to exercise judgment in the design and development of appropriate solutions. 

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