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Nathan T. Mortimer
Nathan T. Mortimer
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​School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University

Rachel Bowden

Mennonite College of Nursing, Illinois State University

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Illinois State University

Jennifer Barnes

Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago

Seth Robia​, Department of Physiology and Cardiovascular Research Institute

University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

Jim Mobley, Department of Surgery and Director of the Proteomics Facility

Temple University School of Medicine

Richard Baxter​, Medical Genetics and Molecular Biochemistry

Drexel University

Dan Marenda, Department of Biology

University of Maryland School of Nursing

SeonYoon Chung, Organizational Systems and Adult Health Department

Genomics Education Partnership, Wasp Genomics Project

Cindy Arrigo, New Jersey City University
Beck Burgess, Stevenson University
Rivka Glaser, Stevenson University
Le Paliulis, Bucknell University
Srebrenka Robic​, Agnes Scott College
Sheryl Smith, Arcadia University
Joyce Stamm, University of Evansville
Melanie Van Stry​, Lane College

Oregon Health & Science University

Jeremy Goecks​, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

James​ Taylor​, Biology Department

Colorado College

Darrell Killian, Department of Molecular Biology

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Eugenia Olesnicky Killian, Biology Department