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Special thanks to the numerous people whose support has helped make possible the continuation of Obsidian’s legacy at Illinois State University.

Particular thanks to Janet Krejci, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; John Bauer, Interim Associate Vice President for Research; Gregory Simpson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; and Christopher De Santis, Chair of the Department of English Studies, for valuing Obsidian’s mission, embracing the journal as a part of the university’s strategic plan Educating Illinois, and demonstrating critical support by funding its establishment and production.

And to Obsidian’s North Carolina State University editorial staff and transition team: Sheila Smith McKoy, Editor-in-Chief; Shervon Cassim, Managing Editor; Shawn Troxler, Assistant General Counsel; and Anthony H. Harrison, University Distinguished Professor and English Department Head.

And to Jason Wagoner, Director for Research and Sponsored Programs; Alice Maginnis, Associate University Counsel; and Steve Halle, Interim Codirector of the Publications Unit, abiding gratitude for their tireless efforts on behalf of the journal during the transfer and continuing transitional period.

Thanks, too, to Janet Goucher, Teri Hammer, Jeanne Merkle, Diane Smith, and Janis Swanton for their consideration and administrative support.

With appreciation for the generosity of the editorial staff and contributing and advisory editors who have served the journal through this transition and a warm welcome to those who have recently joined us to help realize Obsidian’s vision: L. Rosanne M. Adderley, Houston A. Baker, Jr., Jean Pierre Bekolo, Tisa Bryant, Stephana Colbert, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Madhu Dubey, Sally Ann Ferguson, Krista Franklin, Charlene Gilbert, Derrick I. M. Gilbert, Clifford E. Griffin, Daniel Hembree, Karla F.C. Holloway, Erica Hunt, Kelle M. Hutchinson, Alisa Johnson, Meta DuEwa Jones, Tayari Jones, Douglas Kearney, John Keene, Yakini B. Kemp, Keith D. Leonard, Shelia Smith McKoy, Carolyn A. Mitchell, Lenard Moore, Opal Moore, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Sterling D. Plumpp, Khadijah Queen, John M. Reilly, Giovanni Singleton, Greg A. Thomson, Nancy D. Tolson, Paul Ugor, Keith Wilson, and Richard Yarborough.

Additional thanks to Advisory Editors Kwame Dawes, Tara Reeser, and Afaa Michael Weaver, for their indispensable guidance; to Jonah Mixon-Webster for his steadfast assistance; and to Kinsey Gross, for her inspiring logo design.

And to Reggie Scott Young and Jeffery Renard Allen—ashe, ashe, ashe.

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