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Welcome to the Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies Minor

The minor allows students to examine the causes and prevention of war, as well as the nature of violence, including social oppression, discrimination, and marginalization. Students also learn peace-making strategies to overcome persecution and transform society to attain a more just and equitable international community.

The inquiry encompasses micro and macro perspectives. At the micro end of the spectrum, students investigate nonviolent ethics and conflict management; inner, aesthetic, and spiritual peace; interpersonal communication and relations; inter group relations; and diversity and gender issues. At the macro level, students explore the dynamics of international conflict, as well as approaches to peace and world order; ethnic and socioeconomic justice; multiculturalism; renewable economics; and biodiversity.

The minor in peace and conflict resolution studies is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses from the colleges of Applied Science and Technology, Arts and Sciences, and Business.

The minor provides a comprehensive, in-depth approach to peace and conflict resolution theories, methods, and practices. Under the 2012/2014 catalog, students are required to take an introductory course, as well as one course from each of the four areas of inquiry (social justice, conflict resolution and violence prevention, environmental justice, and globalization), while also specializing in one of these areas by completing two additional courses.

  • 21 hours required
  • Required core (3hours): IDS 111

Note: Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor regarding declaration of the minor and course selection.

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