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Physics Events
Physics Events
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Department News

We are in process of writing the next issue of our Directions Alumni magazine.  Please be sure to email Grace ( with your alumni update information and "action" pictures of you doing your job.


To View Past Issues of Directions Online News, click on one of the links below:

(Archived Directions Online News for March 1, 2010)


Alumni Update News

Congratulations to our December 2009 Through August 2010 Graduates!

Computer Physics 
Isaac L. Goodin 
Erin E. Lindsey

(pictured 2009-2010 Bone 

Ryan J. Linton
David T. Wischhusen


Engineering Physics
Scott D. Chenoweth 
Timothy P. Garvin

(pictured 2005 Young Scholar) 
Marc A. Hamende
Michael A. Hamende
Garth W. Hopkins 
James S. Kristoff

Bradley J. Dale
Ryan M. Fitzpatrick
Emily R. Gospodarczyk

(pictured, 2009 Goldwater Scholar) 
Jacob R. Vavra


Physics Teacher Education  
Michael J. Cliff

(pictured, from 2008 Physics Student Awards Ceremony; he was the 2007-2008 Physics Club President) 
Michael S. Maita 
Kaitlyn D. Monbrum

Christopher D. Reis

(Click here for a sign with all of their names and nice graphics.)

Alumni News

Our ISU Physics Alumni Day Career Panel is Friday, October 15, 2010.  Our Alums coming back this year are:

Heather Dowd, BS'97 Physics

Paul Lucido, BS'92 Physics

Fred Retter, BS'95 Engineering Physics

(Click here for a poster with pictures for the event.)


Here are some of the Recent Grads Updates that we have received so far:

From Andrew Becker, BS 2009 Physicspicture of 2009 Grad Andrew Becker at work at kCura
Andrew is currently a software Applications Specialist for kCura Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. He tells us that “kCura are the developers of the civil litigation software, Relativity. Relativity is a web-based application servicing the analysis, review and production stages of the EDRM. kCura helps corporations and law firms with e-discovery challenges by installing Relativity on premises, as well as providing hosted on-demand solutions through a global network of partners in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. My job is to master the ins and outs of our software and provide support to our clients with the front and back ends of Relativity.”  (The picture shown is of Andrew in his office at kCura.) 

From Amy Erxleben, BS 2009 Physics Teacher Education and 
Computer Physics double major

“I just became a volunteer at the Adler Planetarium [in Chicago]. This is probably the most exciting thing I have going on at the moment. My official volunteer title is Activity Cart Coordinator. I spent about a month teaching (primarily 7th grade science) out in Arizona last August, but due to many different circumstances I left Arizona to return to the Chicagoland area.” Amy is working in retail at the moment while she applies to and interviews for jobs at schools and government labs in Northern Illinois. “At this time what I truly believe I want to do is to work in an informal/semi-formal educational setting. Ideally, I’d like to work as an educational director or educator in a museum.” She attributes her career focus to the enjoyable “time I spent helping out with the [ISU] Physics Club and the Physics on the Road events.”  (The picture shown is from Amy's April 2008 ISU Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Presentation.)

From Ryan Lodes, BS 2009 Physics Teacher Education

Ryan shares that he is a Physics Teacher at Lincoln-Way Central High School in New Lenox, Illinois. The school’s website proudly proclaims their students’ academic achievements by pointing out that “For the school year 2009-2010 we learned Lincoln-Way East, Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way North scored in the top 10.9% in the state of Illinois for the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE).”
(The picture shown is from Ryan's April 2008 ISU Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Presentation.)

From Brian Mariani, BS 2009 Physics Teacher Education

“I am doing well, and since graduation and I went to Jackson Hole Bible College, for a one year program to earn a Degree of Biblical Foundations. I am now continuing to work with them this year on a research project concerning the intelligence and sophistication of Ancient cultures back about 4,000 years ago. I am not sure how long I will be working on this project." He also shares that, in the future, he hopes to look for a physics teaching position at either a public or private school.


(The picture shown is from the 2008 Robocamp and Brian is standing in the middle with his hands together.)

From David Wischhusen, BS 2010 Computer Physics

“I had some luck looking for positions as a computer programmer ... was offered a position but turned it down to pursue graduate studies in Project Management at Illinois State University. Hopefully, that was the right choice and I’ll be able to find a position during round two [of job hunting] in about two years from now.” David shares that he is interested in “Computer Programming, specifically with an engineering focus.” And, that he has an entrepreneurial bent by trying to launch some startups. Currently, David holds a Graduate Assistantship in Student Affairs Information Technology at Illinois State University.  (The photo shown is from the ILP Research Unit website.)​