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Qualtrics to Replace Select Survey

Select Survey has served Illinois State well for over 10 years.  Unfortunately, the vendor stopped supporting it a few years ago and frequently researchers now want features that will never be introduced into our version.  So, it is time to let it retire.  As you should have already seen in the message from Mark Walbert sent on 4/27/17, Qualtrics is available to all faculty, staff, and students for research purposes as of 5/17/17.  There is no need to request an account or to sponsor a student for access, a process that was always frustrating in Select Survey. Simply log in to

Those of us that have administered Select Survey on your behalf are sensitive to the fact that your research can’t just switch over instantly.  The timeline for phasing out Select Survey (listed below) will extend through December 18, 2017.  However, it is strongly recommended that Select Survey users to begin conducting research in Qualtrics and to export any information you need to keep from Select Survey as soon as possible.  Because the vendor no longer supports Select Survey, something as simple as an operating system or browser update could render Select Survey useless.  If something were to happen to Select Survey at this point there is a good chance that it won’t be recoverable.


To accommodate any active surveys and surveys being designed, anyone that has a Select Survey account will be able to use it just as they already do. No new faculty or staff will be added to Select Survey past this date because Qualtrics is now available to all faculty, staff, and students. Please begin to learn Qualtrics and plan to export any survey data you need to keep. Videos and tutorials are available on the Qualtrics support site at A guide to help with the export of your Select Survey data is available in the Quick Links section on this page.

10/2/17 - 6 AM

The ability to create new surveys will be removed from Select Survey. As of this date, existing surveys may continue to collect responses if the survey is still open and data may still be exported from any survey in which you are an owner.

12/19/17 - 6 AM

Select Survey will no longer be available as of this date. Links to surveys will no longer work and any previously collected data will no longer be available. Please plan to export any data you need to keep well before this date.