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Personal Information about Bob Broad

In areas other than the scholarly and professional, I maintain a number of identities:

  • life-partner with Julie Hile
  • parent of a son and a daughter
  • son of Mary Lavery Broad and C. Stuart Broad
  • Quaker (member of the Religious Society of Friends)
  • guitarist, singer, songwriter, pop-music aficionado, former radio disc jockey
  • founder, organizer, and member of the now-defunct Songwriters’ Club of Bloomington-Normal (SCBN)
  • environmentalist, peace activist, vegetarian, recycler, composter
  • advocate for healthy birth, natural birth, home birth, and midwives
  • profeminist and pro-choice male (interested in genuine dialogue with pro-life people)
  • pro-gay-rights straight person
  • multiculturalist descendant of Anglo-Irish immigrants
  • opponent of suffering, poverty, injustice, complacency, arrogance, ignorance, bigotry, and brutality of all kinds
  • advocate of democracy of all kinds
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