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Steven A. Juliano
Steven A. Juliano
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Graduate and undergraduate research students 

& Postdoctoral Researchers

My lab, 2018-19:  Left to right - Logan Sauers, Nate Dahlberg, me, Kate Evans, Kris McIntire, Savannah Leutz, Cecilia Canizela, Kasie Chappell.  Missing & to be added later - Kat Coburn, Lesley Pinzon, Jessica Sutter, Shawn Mohammed, Kelsey Hawes.  T-shirts designed by Lesley Pinzon.  Photo by Vickie Borowicz.

Lab members at ISU football game, Oct 2015.  Left to right:  Karthik Chandrasegaran; Steve Juliano; Peter Brabant; Kris McIntire; Marti Grech; Geoff Ower; Joey Neale.

Steve and six grad students, 2011 spring banquet.jpg
Lab members, Spring 2011.
 From left: Daniel Simoes; Joe Fader; Katie Westby; Jen Breaux; S. Juliano; Paul O'Neal; Ebony Murrell 

Current graduate students and their research​

Kris McIntire

Ph.D. Student.  Coevolution of pathogen host interactions of mosquitoes and protozoan parasites.
PC160184 Geoff O.JPG
Geoff Ower
​Ph.D. Student.  Mosquito ecological responses to mortality, including nonlethal effects of predation and overcompensation; Individual based modeling
Kate Evans M.S. Student.  Field tests for density dependence acting on container dwelling mosquitoes, and the likelihood of overcompensation

Nate Dahlberg
​Visiting graduate student, pursuing research on effects of plant chemicals on larval mosquito growth and development.

Savannah Leutz
Visiting graduate student, effects of disturbance and enemy threat on survival of pupal mosquitoes.
Logan Sauers
Completed a MS and continuing as a PhD student inin Ben Sadd's Lab. Logan moonlights in my lab, conducting a side project on the nature of density dependent effects on survival and population growth in mosquitoes. 
IACUC take note:  The seal does not work in my lab.


Undergraduate research students and their research

Cecilia Canizela - Effects of Wolbachia infection on competitive ability of Culex pipiens and Aedes albopictus
             Previously:  effect of timing of mortality on overcompensation in container mosquitoes
Kelsey Hawes -Effects of veterinary anesthesia on laboratory mice;  
             Now off to Veterinary School in Mississippi
Kasie Chappell - Effects of a protozoan parasite on responses to predators
Lesley Pinzon - Does Ascogregarina infection change the likelihood of overcompensation?
Karly Cazzato - Community effects of parasitic plants in prairies; Biostatistics (co-supervised with Vickie Borowicz)
Jessica Sutter - Local adaptation of Ascogregarina barretti and Aedes triseriatus
Kat Coburn -  effect of pH on interspecific competition
Shawn Mohammed - Effects of Wolbachia infection on size and fecundity of container mosquitoes