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Steven A. Juliano
Steven A. Juliano
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​​Current Courses

Graduate Seminar in Biomathematics (BSC 420.36)-[GradBiomathSem2014.pdfGradBiomathSem2017] Readings and discussion of advanced topics in Biomathematics.

Community Ecology (BSC 405)-[Syllabus 2017] This graduate course covers the ecology of communities of plants and animals. It is offered approximately every other year. 

​Other Course​s I have Taught

Entomology (BSC 301)-[ 301 Syllabus 2016] This is an undergrad/grad course that covers biology of the insects.

Tropical Rain Forest Ecology (BSC 311 Coming Fall 2016
-[Syllabus 2018] Team taught with some combination of:  Ben Sadd, Joe Armstrong, Bill Perry, and Rachel Bowden. This field course has two components. During Fall semester students participate in a seminar course. In December, students go on a 10-day field trip to the La Selva Research Station, Costa Rica. There they conduct independent research projects, learn rain forest ecology and natural history, and learn about ongoing research at La Selva.

Biostatistics/Biostatistics Lab 
(BSC 490 / 420.27)  [ Bsc490 syllabus 2018.pdf ]This is a  graduate course introducing students to applied statistics and data analysis using SAS. The goal is to prepare graduate students for using and understanding common statistical methods in Biological Sciences. It is offered every Fall semester. I alternate teaching duties with Diane Byers.​

Ecology (BSC 201)
-[201 Sp 2014 syllabus.pdf201 Sp 2014 syllabus.pdf] This is a required coursBsc490 syllabus 2018.pdfe for majors in Biological Sciences. It is offered every fall and spring semester. I share teaching duties in this course with Ben Sadd, Bill Perry and Victoria Borowicz.    

Graduate Seminar in Ecology (BSC 420.03)
-[Syllabus 2010] Readings and discussion of advanced topics in Ecology.

Advanced Studies in Biostatistics (BSC 450.37)-[Syllabus 2011] This is a graduate course covering advanced statistical methods used in biological research, including MANOVA, Path Analysis, Logistic Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Meta-analysis, & Randomization Tests.  It is offered irregularly.