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Benjamin Schmeiser
Benjamin Schmeiser
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Spanish Grammar

  • Best Spanish Websites- This website is a fantastic resource, I recommend it. It includes links to numerous outside sources that will help anyone with their Spanish questions. There are quizzes to test your Spanish skills, grammar tests, vocabulary tests, links to Spanish dictionaries, and much, much more.

  • ConjuguemosIf you want to practice your Spanish conjugation, this is the place for you. You must create an account by signing in with your email address (no fee). Once you are logged in, you will find many exercises to help you increase your conjugation speed.

  • Study SpanishOn the main page you will find three options on the main page: “I want to speak Spanish conversationally,” “I want to get a better grade in my class,” and “Just show me the free stuff.” More specifically, “I want to get a better grade in my class” will bring you to lessons and review exercises to help you study each concept.
  •  BBCMundo​This webpage for BBCMundo offers many helpful links​​. You can practice your vocabulary with crosswords and practice your listening with audio articles (some of which include a post quiz). There is also a link to the BBCMundo page where you can find articles where you can read about what is going on in the world today, but in Spanish!

  • Spanish Grammar ExercisesThis webpage is full of grammar review. There are overviews of grammatical concepts followed by various exercises. These exercises self grade in order to tell you immediately how many correct and incorrect answers that you have for that exercise.

  • Spanish Language & CultureCheck out this website for a quick review of Spanish grammar points. Some links even include audio or video. Each grammar review includes a short lesson followed by a short quiz to check your understanding.​