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Spora Journal
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my manuscript reviewed as quickly as possible?

Before you submit your manuscript, you can pay for "Fast-Track Review" via the Spora online store. After receiving the confirmation email that your payment was successful, you would then submit the manuscript including the order number from the Fast-Track Review purchase in your cover letter text.

Is Spora a refereed journal?

Yes. Spora is fully refereed by Ph.D. holding college faculty who are experts and widely published in their fields.

Is there a fee for submitting a manuscript?

No, not unless you require "Fast Track Review (FTR)". Manuscripts that undergo FTR are subject to a fee. Please visit the Spora online store for details.

Is there a fee for publishing in Spora?

Yes. Spora is an open-access journal, that is published both online and in print. As all open-access journals, Spora has an Article Publication Charge (APC) and Color Print Charge (CPC) to offset the cost of online and print publication. For details, please see Spora online store.

My paper is accepted. What is next?

Congratulations. This means that your manuscript has gone through a rigorous revew process successfully. You will soon be contacted by the Editorial Manager with instructions on how to get your manuscript ready for publication, an invoice for the APC, and a tentative date for the "Online Publication Ahead of Print". Once your article appears in print, your Corresponding Author will be sent a copy the issue in which your article appeared. You can always purchase additional copies for your own keeping.

My paper is accepted. What else do I need to provide?

For accepted manuscripts the final submission should include an editable version (LaTeX), a pdf version, and all graphics files. Submit all graphics and other auxilary files in a zipped folder. Please do not upload graphics file uncompressed, even if there is only one. Payment of a publication fee ($90) will be required prior to the final submission material. Please see the Spora online store.

Is Spora an indexed journal?

Yes. Currently Spora is indexed by Google Scholar and is in the process of being indexed by other such listings